Corfu 26/27 May

Steve Coughlan
Mon 27 May 2024 17:00

26 May A shower overnight gave the boat a good rinse. Matt and I did some chores, washing and clean up in the morning. Ran the watermaker to top up the fresh water tank. We took the dinghy ashore and hailed a taxi to the airport. Saw Matt made it  through security and then I walked the 1.8km back to the marina. Matt was good company, a great hand and very safety conscious. Spent the arvo washing, cleaning the inside of the boat and making up the forward cabin.


27 May A heavier shower overnight further cleaned the externals of the boat. First thing this morning I unfurled the main then the jib in light winds and gave the halyards a bit more tension. Went ashore in the dinghy to a chandlery to get some bits and pieces. Came back and made up some new fender ropes, spliced loops in each end. Then ashore again to a hardware store, this time taking Green Brompton with me. Returned and disassembled the cockpit table, laid out a drop cloth, sanded and resealed the timber then reassembled. In the evening went ashore to the marina bar and restaurant for dinner. Came back and noted one of the fresh water tanks was empty. A pressurised fesh water hose connection in the engine had failed and dumped 500 litres of water over the Volvo engine. It related to the new water maker. Refitted with 3 clamps instead of one and noted a fit for purpose connection between the 2 different hose types was required.


Stripped and resealed cockpit table

A table on a boat

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A close-up of a machine

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Failed connection dumped 500 litres of fresh water into the engine room.

A close-up of a pipe

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Refitted with 3 clamps instead one. Require the correct fitting for joining hose to pipe.

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