Pix 03-Jul-16 1500hrs 41:08.312N 12:41.247E

Steve Coughlan
Sun 3 Jul 2016 14:45

Good motor sail in light winds, SOG 8.8kn. We have covered 64 nautical miles in light favourable winds under motor sail. Effectively averaging 8 knots since clearing marina Riva Di Traiano at about 7am .Would have managed 5 to 6 knots wind only however a long run today meant  we have to push along, hence motor sail. Pontine Islands are clearly in view, about 25nm ahead.


It is good to get out sailing again after 5 days at the marina. We went to Rome, taking the Bromptons with us on the train and used them to get around. Rode to the Australian embassy, where we voted in the federal election, then onto the Colosseum.



At Civitavecchia railway station waiting for train to Rome



Pleasant motor sail covering 90nm to Ponza.






Pontine Islands 25nm ahead