8 June 23 Continue works on boat

Steve Coughlan
Thu 8 Jun 2023 08:30

The port davit cylinder was fixed however the intermittent operation of the raise function remained. This had been an issue for many years. After trying everything known to man to resolve the issue, I finally decided to replace both port davit solenoids with a redundant pair (originally the davit lines were operated by hydraulic cylinders however these had been replaced by electric winches some years ago). This was literally a 5 minute job. So far so good.

The mousing rope for the port pole lift had broken during the off season on the hard. John donned the harness and I winched him up the mast to try and mouse new rope through. No success so, after hanging up the mast for 30 minutes, we gave up and scheduled a rigger to undertake the work in Lefkada.



John upmast attempting to mouse pole up line. No luck, will organise rigger in Lefkada.


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Gas bottles painted with epoxy paint after corrosion was removed with wire brush and electric sander

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