Kommeno Bay 06-Jul-19 1023hrs 39:39.691N 19:51.270E

Steve Coughlan
Sat 6 Jul 2019 10:23

06-Jul-19            0730hrs

At 6am I donned the flippers and snorkel, swam ashore and freed up the landline. It was a good quality 20mm floating rope, around 100m long. After coiling it carefully I swam one end back to the boat and Tom pulled it in. At 0730hours we departed Lakka for Corfu.

06-Jul-19            1023hrs

At anchor in Kommeno Bay, off Gouvia. 1200hrs dropped Tom and Mex at off to marina for their departure back to Germany. Mark and Marlene Randall arrived at 1pm and I ran them back to Westralia to get organised on the boat. I returned to the marina to pick up Joe and Tony who had organised supplies. That evening we all headed into shore to watch the Aussies play SA in the ODI cricket at the Old Barrel English pub in  Gouvia.



Great to have Tom and Mex on board. Always enthusiastic and keen to assist.