28 May Corfu

Steve Coughlan
Tue 28 May 2024 17:00

28 May Good clean up throughout, made up the forward cabin then went ashore and walked 1.5km to the airport 12:50. Met John Bond and we caught a taxi back to the marina, took John to Westralia and settled him in. Major stress moment - lost all power to the boat, no lights on the panel full stop! Checked all breakers throughout the boat, all good. Rang John Eustace and he suggested it would be a battery connection. Panels off to expose the house batteries. Tightened every battery terminal cable connection, sprayed back of the battery main switch panel with contact spray. Noted a 3 or 4 battery terminal conections were slightly loose.  One of the terminal bolt connections was black and the plastic protection at that terminal had melted. When tightening this bolt it arced, clearing indicating a poor connection. Following the tightening of the battery lead connections, powered up, all good. As is the case 99% of the time the problem is not an infrastructure failure, but a connection issue. Tomorrow morning I will remove the bad bolt connection, clean up the blackened lead and terminal and replace the bolt. John and I had an Aperol spritz, large version, half a bottle of Prosecco in each glass, to welcome him aboard. We then headed to the marina and into the old town for dinner.


A panel with switches and switches

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Panel dead! Complete loss of all house battery power.

A close-up of a wall with wires

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Loose battery terminal which had been arcing

A close-up of a broken cable

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Tightened SS bolt and restored power. Will remove bolt, clean lead and replace with new bolt



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