19 July 0615 hrs Depart Preveza for Sarande

Steve Coughlan
Tue 19 Jul 2022 06:15

We cleared Preveza marina at 0615hrs and made our way to Sarande. Good run with reasonable winds under sail or motor sail most of the way. We arrived in Sarande around 1500hrs and anchored in the bay before tying up stern to at the customs port a few hours later once the cruise ship transferred its passengers and cleared the bay. Our agent met us, took our passports and organized customs and border police clearance along with signing of the ship’s papers confirming we were out of the EU.  This took about 45 minutes. Incredibly efficient compared to the Greek bureaucracy.  We headed into town and had an early dinner before crashing after the long day.



Entering Sarande. Cruise ship in the bay.



Moored at the customs jetty, Sarande



Underway from Preveza to Sarande