Pix 12-Jul-16 1300hrs 39:54.817N 15:22.981E

Steve Coughlan
Tue 12 Jul 2016 11:30

12 July – Departed Palinuro at 1130hrs after a brief excursion in the dinghy to get supplies. On way to Cetraro. Very light winds, almost mill pond conditions. Under motor.


11 July – after departing Amalfi at 1230hrs we made our way in light winds  40 degrees apparent, sails main and jib for a close reach under motor sail, SOG 8.4kns, on a bearing to Palinuro. We arrived at Palinuro and laid anchor, just north east of Marina Di Palinuro at 1850hrs. Very calm conditions in about 7 metres of very clear water over sand.


Matt went for his obligatory plus 1km swim, I chose to swim to the rocks and back. Later on after a G&T we headed into the small town of Palinuro with the dinghy and made our way to a very good restaurant. Excellent service and food with pricing reflecting the lower tourist activity. Very attractive surroundings with very few yachts present.




At anchor, Palinuro







Dinghy to shore for evening walk into Palinuro. Westralia in background.




Great local restaurant in Palinuro