04-Aug-23 Fiskardo 11:00 38:27.644N 20:34.545E

Steve Coughlan
Fri 4 Aug 2023 11:00

4 August

09:00    Depart Akra Plakes. Heading to Fiskardo, under motor, very light winds on the nose.

11:00    Berthed stern too town quay Fiskardo. All the way under motor. Watched Richmond get flogged by the Doggies. The busy Fiskardo, full of boats of all description, with many tavernas and bars. Stocked up on supplies and had dinner at Tassia taverna, located immediately behind the boat. We took the dinghy out of the port to a swimming bay nearby. Later in the evening we went around to the music bar and spent a couple of hours listening to a pretty reasonable Greek trio playing modern music.

Ella and Catherine at Fiskardo


There’s Westralia!

We took the dinghy out of the port to a swimming bay nearby

Not far to go for dinner!



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