Position 08-Aug-18 1715hrs 45.04.301N 13:37.986E

Steve Coughlan
Wed 8 Aug 2018 16:15

0830hrs: Departed Marina Vento Di Venezia


1715hrs: After clearing customs on re-entering Croatia, tied up to a mooring at Rovinj. Motor sail in light winds. Dinner ashore. Mad scramble to reorganise Mark and Chloe's travel arrangements. Their original departure flight was from Dubrovnik to Zagreb. As we were close to Zagreb they attempted to give up the Dub Zar leg and get a bus from Pula to Zagreb on Aug 10. Expedia, the booking agency, stated this was not allowed. So after much ado and stress, a hire car was booked for Mark and Chloe to drive from Pula to Dubrovnik tomorrow morning, some 8hrs!