06-Aug-23 Ormos Polis 13:40 38:26.396N 20:38.303E

Steve Coughlan
Sun 6 Aug 2023 13:40

6 August

13:00    Depart Fiskardo. Set genoa for a light broad reach for the short run accross to Ormos Polis, Ithaca.

13:40    Anchored at Ormos Polis. Had a swim then a kip before we headed ashore to walk up the hill to Stavros, getting there around 7pm. Preparations were underway for the "Feast festival", due to start at 10pm. We had dinner at Kenanas taverna then returned to the square to check out the festival. The town had transformed with hundreds of people turning up, all ages. After kids dancing to Greek music, the traditional Greek band commenced. The whole place was swarming with people ordering Giros and drinks in the square, a really good vibe. We left a bit after 11pm, no doubt the crowd were destined to continue into the early hours.

View back to Port Polis from the road up to Stavros village

Up the hill from Port Polis to the hilltop village of Stavros, setting up for the Feast Festival

Dinner at Kenanas tarvena

Transformation after we finished dinner!

Kids, traditional Greek dancing

No shortage of fuel!


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