Lorikum 03-Jun-19 1324hrs 40:20.561N 19:28.400E

Steve Coughlan
Mon 3 Jun 2019 13:24

03-Jun-19           1324hrs

Anchored near Lorikum marina. Could not get a berth in marina but conditions are very calm so all good. Went ashore to the marina to speak to marina manager, Luigi. He was out for lunch so we walked to nearby restaurant where we had what was arguably the best seafood degustation meal I have ever had anywhere in the world. We met the female chef who clearly had a passion for her craft and a delightful person. We returned to the marina and met with Luigi and the local border police. All good.

Returned to Westralia for to attend to a few chores before returning to the marina and organising a taxi into the town of Lorikum. Zimi withdrew local currency, Lek, and we purchased beer and supplies from the local shops. This included local cherries, local olives and Albanian mountain tea. The female proprietor was another incredibly friendly Albanian and was so happy we came to her shop, supporting the local retailers. We returned to the marina in the taxi, loaded the supplies into the dinghy and returned to  Westralia. Later we took the dinghy ashore to a beachfront restaurant, had a beer, a bottle of Albanian red and an assortment of local cheese. Another great restaurant. Relative prices, are so low it is hard to get your head around it. The food and wine quality is so good. Albania is a hidden secret from an Australian point of view.



Passionate chef prepared a phenomenal seafood degustation meal at the Pulbardha restaurant



Zimi with Albanian mountain tea bought from local shop in Lorikum. A delightful owner loved having a chat with Zimi.



Another top class but incredibly priced Lorikum restaurant, which visited with dinghy.