Photos August 7

Steve Coughlan
Fri 7 Aug 2015 15:06

August 7             

1100hrs                Depart Solenzara for Bastia. Before leaving I went around and met with the Capitainere who had no dramas with us coming in after hours and berthing by ourselves. Catherine and Jack took a tour around the village, Jude and I likewise for a coffee and croissant. Catherine lost her camera and after a panic went back to the café where Jack and she had breakfast and recovered it.

1800hrs                We could not get a berth at Bastia Vieux Port however managed to get one at Port Toga, a few hundred metres north. We walked into the Vieux Port an noted the old bar we had visited previously had been replaced. Had dinner nearby overlooking the Med to the east with a terrific musical duo playing great music for 3 or so hours.




Approach to Bastia




One of the many ferries servicing Bastia





Jack prepares the mooring ropes




At Port Toga




Great live music from duo whilst having a drink


August 8              I tried to get a hire car but no rental company had any available. Catherine and Jack went for a walk around the town and then for a ride on the Brompton bikes, exploring Bastia and the surrounds. I took Jude to the airport via taxi at 1pm and in the evening had dinner with Jack and Catherine at a good marina restaurant, after a drink at a bar with live music.






Jack and Catherine take the Bromptons for a spin







Exploring Bastia




View down to the Vieux Port and surrounding old Bastia




Rock on at the beach!


August 9              Jack and Catherine left by taxi at 8am to catch their flight and commence the next phase in their life, living and working in London. The few days sailing gave them a good break after the rushing around getting prepared to depart from Melbourne and the timing was opportune with just Jude and I on board.