Pix 09-Jul-16 1230hrs 40:35.016N 14:26.127E

Steve Coughlan
Sat 9 Jul 2016 11:30

1030hrs we weighed anchor and departed Sorrento. With very light winds we motored around to Isolottii Galli, a small Island group about 8nm WSW of Amalfi. We laid the anchor on the north side of Il Gallo Lungo at 1230hrs, amongst many boats. Quite deep water close to the island so we were only 15m off by the time we extended the chain.


Matt swam around the Island group (about 1.2NM), Jude and I had a swim and lunch. Very popular anchorage. According to the pilotage book notes, mythology has it that these are the Islands of the sirens of which Circe warned Odysseus. We heard no enchanting songs so survived the experience!



Cruise ship anchored with us at Marina Piccola, Sorrento



Isolotti Galli in the distance



Beautifully maintained wooden yacht



Il Gallo Lungo



Popular anchorage