Pix 03-Aug-17 0920hrs 43.30.200N 16:25.867E

Steve Coughlan
Thu 3 Aug 2017 08:20

0745hrs: Change to SB fuel tank. Depart Uvala Necujam, Solta for ACI marina Split.


0920hrs: Tied up stern to at ACI Marina Split.


Bob and I gave the boat quick a clean whilst the linen was in the washing machine then we went to old town via boat transfer. We had lunch in the old town. Bob left for his hotel and I returned to boat to put another load of linen through. I then caught taxi to airport to pick up Jude. We came back to boat and got settled in before walking to the old town for dinner. Returned on the boat transfer from the old town to the marina.



Water front near old town, Split



Jude’s restaurant Split?