Pix 19 Jun

Steve Coughlan
Tue 19 Jun 2018 21:00

18 June: Lorenzo Loik, the professional rigger recommended by North Sails from Civitavecchia, arrived around 0930 hours from Verona by car. We had a brief discussion and then he commenced, along with a local rigger, unloading the backstays and rake stays to unload tension on the Genoa stay. Later in the day we assisted removal of the Genoa stay, laying it carefully on wooden blocks forward of the bow on the sea wall. Lorenzo then, with some effort, removed the damaged foils.


In the evening we took the dinghy over to Trieste where the major commercial port is located before returning to Muggia for dinner.


19 June: Lorenzo fitted the new foils in the morning. After carefully rigging the lift rope, with several people applying tension to the stay, the stay was raised into position. I assisted, reconnecting the electric cables to the junction box and then on the winch as Lorenzo went atop the mast to fit the stay into position. The fixed rigging was then re-tensioned and Lorenzo left about 3pm. Very professional job with a lot of effort going into preparation.


Cantieri San Rocco was an organized yard. Given the poor service in Montenegro, I plan to lay up Westralia at Cantieri San Rocco at the end of this tour. Other activity in the yard included the removal of 2 x 60 year old 18 cylinder diesel engines (in triple configuration) from at scrapped Guardia Finanazia boat. These were destined to go to Sweden to be rebuilt by a boating enthusiast.




Refitting Reckmann furling motor




Rigging lifting rope















Applying tension, the stay is raised into position




60 year old Italian marine diesels, destined for new home in Sweden. 18 cylinder (triple x 6).

Would have been very advanced in their day.