02-Aug-23 Mesolongi Port 14:15 38:21.593N 21:25.321E

Steve Coughlan
Wed 2 Aug 2023 14:15

2 August

09:00    Depart N. Trizonia. Heading directly into bft 2-3 winds, decided to raise main doubled reefed and 75% jib and tack, smoother than motoring directly into the strong breeze, with plus 20knts A. VMG 7.6 compared to 6.9 directly into wind under motor.

14:15    Anchored in Mesolongi P. At small inlet accessed by a dredged channel from Patras Kolpos. Here for good protection from impending stronger winds late this afternoon. Not the clearest water as the channel is surrounded by low lying shallow salt marsh, no doubt a fair bit of silt run off. We took the dinghy ashore, tied up behind one small yacht on the "commercial" quay and then walked one km into the centre of town for lunch. In the heat of the afternoon there very few people about, which is normal for this time of the day. By the time we returned there were about another 15 yachts tied up alongside the quay and, later in the evening, the quay was wall to wall with small yachts. The lively taverna strip in the evening made up for the initial bland view of the coastal strip. A full moon put Westralia on display.

Tacking west through Patras Kolpos


A lively place at night, taverna amongst the ubiquitous eucalypts


The quay filled up from one yacht mid afternoon to full by the evening.

Full moon shines on Westralia

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