3 June 13:45 Stefanos Bay, Corfu 39:45.954N 19:57.007E

Steve Coughlan
Mon 3 Jun 2024 13:45

11:00 departed Ereikoyssa for Stephanos bay, Corfu. Slight wind, under motor. Pumped the bilge then wet vacuumed the balance, added bilge cleaner. Anchored at Stephanos Bay, Corfu. John set to with his handline whilst I went for a long swim to shore and back. By the time I returned John had landed 4 sea bream. I scaled and gutted them from the transom. After a GnT we then took the dinghy ashore, checked out the foreshore taverna options and had a Corfu beer. Then some supplies and returned to the boat where John prepared a superb meal of baked Sea Bream. Around 8pm we returned to shore and had dinner at traditional Greek Taverna. An Aussie Greek waiter from Sydney caught up with us for a chat. Stefanos Bay is a very picturesque setting.

A boat on the water

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At anchor, Stefanos Bay

A fish in a bucket

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4 Sea Bream caught off the boat on arrival

A person walking on a street

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Taverna strip

A patio with tables and chairs

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Boats on the water next to a dock

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View of bay

A plate of food on a table

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Superb entrée of baked Sea Bream

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