30-Jul-23 Zea Marina 12:30 37:56.290N 23:38.959E

Steve Coughlan
Sun 30 Jul 2023 12:30

30 July

10:30    Depart Ormos Aigina Marine for Pireaus

12:30    Moored at Zea Marina. USS Gerald Ford, a Nimitz class aircraft carrier, was at Piraeus. We were directed away from it by the Greek coast guard as we approached Zea Marina, so a bit of a diversion. An impressive bit of US Naval capability, 90 aircraft on deck! After getting card for power and water from marina office Mick, Julie and I headed out for lunch then returned and prepared for taxi trip to meet Jude at the help centre in Athens. Spent an hour there talking to Dimitri and other assistants before returning to the boat. We gave it a quick hose down before Catherine and her daughter arrived for drink on the boat. then we all headed off to Sosu for dinner.


USS Gerald Ford at Piraeus


Zea marina, Jude left for hotel to spend a week or so on her charity work


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