Kamani 18-Jun-19 1700hrs 39:44.591N 19:56.036E

Steve Coughlan
Tue 18 Jun 2019 17:00

18-Jun-19           1400hrs

With Joe and Pon on board, we departed Gouvia and motored north to attractive bay and village of Kamani

18-Jun-19           1700hrs

Anchored at Kamani. Took several attempts to hold due to weed on bottom. Went for a swim. In the evening took the dinghy ashore to have dinner at a the White House restaurant.


Pon and Jo arrive at Gouvia marina from Germany

Onboard Westralia

White House marina, Kalami

Local Greek SB. Not bad either.

The White House, originally the home of the Durrell’s.






The Durrell family moved to Corfu just before WW2. Son, Gerald Durrel wrote a series of 3 novels of his childhood memories of his time in Corfu. ITV have produced a TV series on the family.


The White House