Pix 25 June 1630hrs Capri

Steve Coughlan
Sat 25 Jun 2016 15:30

The previous evening we motored in to the public seawall at Marina Piccolo and had dinner at the Weber hotel. On the way back we made a raid on a couple of superyachts, and considered gate crashing a party on Russian superyacht, Ace.


Late morning we took the dinghy into Marina Piccolo where I dropped off Marlene, Mark, Catherine and Jack before I motored over to a secluded pebble stone beach. There I beached the dinghy as best I could and then made my way around to the group and we caught the bus up to Capri town. We had lunch there amongst the swelling crowd, wedding and general mayhem before walking down towards Piccolo through beautiful gardens, the intent being to reach Marina Piccolo via the cliff walking path. Unfortunately the path was closed due to the danger of rock falls so we made our way back to  Capri town and then down to Marina Piccolo via and different but less spectacular walking path.


I went to collect the dinghy which had unfortunately had taken a lot of water due to waves lapping over the stern. I bailed as best I could with an oar then, with the assistance of a couple of local lads, launched it replete with about 100mm of water on the sole. After picking up the group from the public seawall we slowly made our way back to Westralia where we bailed out the water.


Catherine, Jack and I then took off in the dinghy and made a circumference of the island, checking out the coast line including the green grotto. We gave up on the blue grotto as it there was a que of tourist boats waiting to access.


Wedding in Capri



Garden walk






Westralia in foreground, looking down on Piccolo



Cliff walk closed due to potential for rockfalls



Catherine and Jack at the green grotto