Pix 25-Jun-18 1100hrs 44:52.797N 13:50.628E

Steve Coughlan
Mon 25 Jun 2018 10:00

25 June 1100hrs: Motored over to ACI marina Pula and berthed stern to. Good timing as the winds were picking up, with forecasts of gusts greater than 30kns. Tom and Max prepared for departure from Westralia later in the afternoon. We got the laundry underway, had lunch and then toured around the old town of Pula, alongside the industrial port. Tom and Max departed Westralia around 4pm for their return to Geissen in Germany. Great to have them on-board, forming a new friendship with Mick and Julie Gavrilovic.




Industrial port adjoining old town of Pula.




Tom and Max enjoy final day sailing




Max, Tom, Julie and Mick at the old Roman colosseum at Pula