11-Aug-23 Preveza 09:40 38:57.518N 20:45.313E

Steve Coughlan
Fri 11 Aug 2023 12:40

11 August

07:45    Depart Lefkada to make the 08:00 bridge opening. The bridge opens every hour from 6am, except for 3pm.

09:40    Anchored and tied off astern to the town quay at Preveza. Motored all the way in light winds on the nose. Met John Eustace and had brunch. After, Catherine and Ella headed to the beach on the Bromptons, John and I got to work, cutting a vent hole in galley step to install a heat vent for the fridge/freezer compressors, connected Victron dongles to upgrade software and load the correct charging parameters, replaced the faulty battery temperature sensor, checking all house battery connections due to false low battery voltage notifications on the Victron display. Turned out every battery link connection had 40mm long x 10mm bolts, using a larger 12mm stainless steel nut as a spacer. Every one of these was a potential bad connection. So we purchased 20mm x 10mm bolts to replace the longer bolts and eliminate the improvised spacers. Managed to change 20 of 24 bolts, last four will be a challenge given the tight location. Job for tomorrow. John replaced the port and starboard unloader hydraulic valves with new upgraded valves, so we now had resolved all of the davit hydraulic issues.

Convoy transiting up channel from Lefkada to make the 08:00 bridge opening

Bridge pivoted open

Town quay Preveza

Watching the Matildas quarter finals




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