Gavoi and the Gusana restaurant

Steve Coughlan
Sun 1 Jun 2014 21:00

Sunday 1st June

Jude and I had met a Sardinian student, Antonella  Ladu, at the Windsor hotel in Perth a few months ago where she was working as a waitress. Her family ran a hotel and restaurant in the mountains of Sardinia at a place named Gavoi.  I mentioned we would be sailing in the Med later in the year and we exchanged emails. I told Antonella I would visit the restaurant when I got to Sardinia.

It was a spectacular drive up into the mountains and there is no way we would have found the Gusana restaurant without Antonella’s advice. In is nestled on the edge of picturesque lake, Lago di Gusana, high in the mountains. Access is off the main roads, through narrow streets in the old town of Gavoi and then off on a small side track to the lake.

The restaurant was packed, the local food superb and plentiful, the wines excellent and the atmosphere one of a very happy community out with their families for Sunday lunch, including the youngest baby to oldest grandparent. There is lot to be said for the warmth of extended family support networks that exists in small communities.



Matteo, Antonella’s cousin.


A lot of historical local art adorned the walls of the restaurant


View from balcony over Lago di Gusana




Gusana restaraunt

With Antonella’s father, the chef of Hotel Gusana


Not guilt your honour! Mark was driving.


The restaurant was packed to the rafters with locals. Cemal fitted in as one of the crowd.


Spring flowers in season



Lago di Gusana


The local brew. With medicinal qualities, apparently! Not sure about the pig on the label!


With Antonella’s mother, father and junior member of extended family