Voukari 16-Jun-19 1225hrs 39:27.039N 20:16.039E

Steve Coughlan
Sun 16 Jun 2019 12:25

16-Jun-19           1030hrs

Departed Platarias after attempting to check in with Port Police. No Port Police in Platarias.

16-Jun-19           1225hrs

Anchored off Panorama restaurant, Voukari, Corfu. Motored all the way in very light conditions. We took the dinghy ashore for lunch at the Panorama restaurant, a very attractive garden setting overlooking the bay. After returning, went for a long swim and then attended to some chores.

Later in the day a charter yacht anchored close by. Appeared to be an all female crew. We observed a bit of action with one of the ladies on the dinghy, starting and stopping it several times. Eventually she motored over to Westralia in the dinghy requesting assistance. The throttle cable was completely shot and the dinghy was in a bad state of repair. Ziggy, a Belgian lady, was the skipper on the charter boat with 9 female passengers and it was her first day out. Not much we could do to assist with the outboard. There was no way the dinghy was up to the task, fullstop. She returned to the charter boat and I took our dinghy over and offered to take the ten of them ashore in two trips. Turned out the 9 passengers were German females varying from 30s upto mid 50s. Must have been incredibly crowded with 10 on what appeared to be a 12m sailing yacht. I picked them up from the restaurant jetty later in the evening to take them back to the boat. Very ordinary by the charter company and I felt for Ziggy who had been lumped with situation.



Helen in the shade of the Aussie flag


Jetty at Panorama restaurant


Panorama restaurant






Tony has a swim


View from Panorama restaurant back to Westralia at anchor




Helen and Tony on Panorama jetty


Charter boat in distress! Outboard is cactus, 10 ladies dressed up to go out! We came to their rescue!