Levkas 11-Jul-19 1340hrs 38:47.478N 20:43.405E

Steve Coughlan
Thu 11 Jul 2019 13:40

11-Jul-19            1110hrs

Depart Preveza. First thing in the morning Joe and I gave the boat a wash down. I then headed off to the Cleopatra marina to finalise the hardstand booking for the end of the season.

11-Jul-19            1340hrs

Anchored near Ligia, Levkas. After clearing the channel markers out of Preveza we set sail in 11knot winds, broad reach, down to Levkas. We laid at anchor for 40 minutes until 1250hrs, before motoring up the canal adjoining Levkas town. The swinging bridge opened on the hour allowing boats to pass in either direction. After lunch and a swim, in the evening we motored in the dinghy to the town of Levkas, a very lively environment full of the typical waterfront restaurant strip. We ventured into the centre of the town where Tony made contact with a local Greek, who relation was Tony's neighbour in Sydney. Based on his recommendation we went to an excellent up market restaurant away from the waterfront. After dinner we visited the bottle shop where Tony's contact Yanni and his son Thomas worked. We all bought some wine, ouzo etc. before heading back to the dinghy and then back to Westralia.


Good sail once we cleared Preveza channel


Entering canal into Levkas

Flotilla of yachts underway to pass swinging bridge, which opens on the hour



The swinging bridge seperating the mainland from Levkas





The busy vibrant town of Levkas




Excellent Levkas restaurant, Thythari, recommended by Tony’s Greek contact, Yannis



Walking back after dinner



Tony’s contact, Yannis, and his son Thomas at the bottle shop where they work in Levkas