Assos 16-Jul-19 1030hrs 38:27.115N 20:34.657E

Steve Coughlan
Tue 16 Jul 2019 10:30

16-Jul-19            0800hrs

Departed Foci. Woke up around 0630hrs as winds had increased pushing Westralia dangerously close to yacht on port side. Place fenders into position to avoid hard contact, then woke up the crew in the offending yacht. Told them they had positioned their boat way too close. They eased the SB stern line and anchor chain so their yacht swung away from Westralia. I swam the stern ropes and we weighed anchor and motored out of the bay. An unplanned early swim!

16-Jul-19            1030hrs

Anchored and stern tied off to shore at Assos, Kelefolonia. Light sail most of the way. Had a coffee ashore and then walked up to the fortified castle ruins overlooking Assos. Returned and had lunch in Assos. During lunch it started to rain so I took dinghy back to Westralia to shut hatches. After lunch we made our way back in heavier rain which developed into a full blown thunderstorm, giving the boat a massive washdown. Somehow during the thunderstorm both stern ropes released from the shore. I swam the ropes back with Mark's assistance and retied them to rocks on the shore. By late afternoon the storm had subsided and we went ashore for dinner. Very good restaurants in Assos.


Beautiful bay at Assos


Assos waterfront



Westralia at anchor, tied off astern to shore





Walking up to the fortified ruins of old castle


View back to Assos, Westralia at anchor on the right



Tony getting binto the fitness walk up the hill!




Entrance through fortified wall

Old canon


Massive thunderstorm late afternoon gave the boat a thorough clean