Pix 20-Jun-17 1700hrs

Steve Coughlan
Tue 20 Jun 2017 16:00

In the morning Tom and I filled the water tanks and gave the boat a good clean whilst Mex did the linen washing, then we cleaned the boat inside. I checked oil and water in Volvo engine and the genset. All good.


Craig and Bernadine arrived about 1145 and we had lunch at a local restaurant. We assisted Tom and Mex with their luggage to the taxi rank and they departed a bit after 4pm. Great company and becoming a competent crew over the short few days, their first experience on a sailing yacht. Tom has caught the bug and is keen to research more sailing.


Bernadine, Craig and I prepared the boat for departure and headed off under motor from Cavat to the island of Kolocep west of Dubrovnik.



Craig, Bernadine, Tom, Mex, Steve – crew change over Cavtat