13 June 23 0800hrs Cemal arrives in Lefkada

Steve Coughlan
Tue 13 Jun 2023 08:00

In the morning the Volvo representatives came to check the engine due to an engine fault warning that had caused the engine to revert to limp mode, since launching the boat at Cleopatra Marina. Fortunately, after connecting the diagnostic tool, it was determined a "plug" was missing relating to the variable turbo mechanism. Probably an inadvertent miss during the off season service. Once connected, all good and faults were cleared. I took the boat out for a short run with the Volvo guys to confirm the engine ran up to full speed, which it did, and returned to the marina berth. A quick, simple fix for them and a cost of 280 Euro for me! Thereafter I picked up the Eaton limit switch, which had been delivered  to the marine electronics shop, and fitted it to the port davit. Davit hydraulics now cuts out once fully raised so hydraulic cylinder is now no longer overloaded. A great relief which will mean no blown seals for the foreseeable future. The Eaton switch will require some adjustment as the lock pin hole in the davit does not line up perfectly. A job for another day. Continued cleaning the boat and making up cabins before catching a taxi to the Aktion airport to pick up Cemal at 2045. We returned and, after dropping his bags off to the boat, we headed into the town square for dinner.




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