02-Jul-23 Lygia, N. Lefkas 12:30 38:47.457N 20:43.280E

Steve Coughlan
Sun 2 Jul 2023 12:30

Depart O. Kastos at 09:30.

At anchor at Lygia, N. Lefkas, after motoring all the way in light winds. We took the dinghy ashore for a relaxing lunch and the small fishing port taverna. Later returned to Westralia and listened to the remainder of day 5 of the second test, rejoicing in the win and the Poms winging over Bairstow's run out or "stumping". John prepared a superb spicy spag bol, complemented by a very good Greek red wine, a 2019 Beptzami.


A sailboat in the water

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Westralia at anchor, Lygia

A person in a boat on the water

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Heading into local Taverna for lunch

A person sitting at a table with food and wine

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Superb spag bol prepared by John Bond





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