Pix 29 Aug

Steve Coughlan
Mon 29 Aug 2016 04:55

25 Aug 11:45hrs – Depart Porto Dell Etna. Helen left for the airport at 11am to fly to Corfu. We are on a long run of 250nm to Corfu. Our time spent in Riposto included yesterday an excellent guided tour of the lower regions of Mt Etna looking at a series of lateral volcano events and the results of lava in the area over a period of many centuries, right up to recent times. The foothills of Etna are home to wine growing, fruit trees, chestnuts, almonds and so on, the rich volcanic soil and good rainfall offering ideal conditions.(see pix Aug 24).

1730hrs – Started with wind on the nose, under motor sog 5.5 to 6knts, then motor sail as gradually the wind swung around to a close haul and then towards a beam reach for 2 or 3 hours, averaging +8knts, then dropped right away as we neared the Italian mainland, then on the nose again so currently main and jib up trying to get something out of the wind in a very close hauled situation. SOG 6.2knts.

1900hrs – Swell is an issue beating into the wind. SOG 7knts


26 Aug 0045hrs – Making good progress in very close hauled motor sail conditions, after having to sail off the lay line until the wind came around in our favour to lay a line towards Corfu. SOG 8kns.

0245hrs – Under main only for stability. Engine on 2000rpm, beating into wind, 6knts.

1155hrs – 24hrs since departure we have covered 173nm at an average of 7.2nm per hour. Conditions over night, until about 9am this morning, were dominated by 20kn winds almost on the nose. So we navigated using the auto pilot and adjusting the bearing to maintain an apparent wind angle of30 degrees or more, giving reasonable speed and a more settled action through the sea. That did not stop it being a wet ride for the helmsman! Life jackets, tethered and wet weather gear were mandatory. Over the last couple of hours it has settled to around 10 knots and we are maintaining motor sail as we would like to get to Corfu mid evening.

1700hrs – Very small seas. Motor sail, main and genoa, sog 9knts

2200hrs – Anchored at O. Ay. Yeoryiou, NW coast of Corfu. Completed 244nm over 33 hours, average speed 7.39knts.


27 Aug – Lay day in beautiful bay. Helen came by taxi from Corfu and joined us for lunch. That evening we retruned to the beach and had did at beachfront restaurant over looking bay.


28 Aug 0945hrs – Depart O. Ay. Yeoryiou. Engine oil/water check - all good.

28 Aug 1145hrs – Anchored at O. Porto, N. Eriekoussa. Very calm anchorage in beautiful sandy bay. Had a swim then later on we went ashore for lunch.

29 Aug 0700hrs – Depart Eriekoussa for Vlore, Albania.



Restaurant at O. Ay. Yeoryiou, NW coast of Corfu



View from restaurant back to Westralia at anchor



Approaching O. Porto, N. Eriekoussa



View from anchorage at O. Porto, N. Eriekoussa



Private garden on Ereikoussa



Australian sulphur crested Cockatoo at restaurant, Eriekoussa



Westralia at anchor in calm sandy bay at Eriekoussa