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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Sep 2016
Mon 05 Sep 19:07 Pix Sep 5
Sun 04 Sep 18:26 Pix 4 Sep
Sat 03 Sep 18:09 Pix Sep 3
Fri 02 Sep 17:52 Pix Sep 2
Thu 01 Sep 13:30 Pix 01-Sep-16 1430hrs 42:26.116N 18:41.216E 42:26.12N 18:41.22E
Aug 2016
Wed 31 Aug 13:30 Pix 31-Aug-16, (1-Sep) 1430hrs 42:05.910N 19:05.196E 42:05.91N 19:05.20E
Wed 31 Aug 12:40 Position 31-Aug-16 1340hrs 41.55.147N 19:08.135E 41:55.15N 19:08.13E
Wed 31 Aug 11:10 Position 31-Aug-16 1210hrs 41:44.425N 19:12.662E 41:44.42N 19:12.66E
Tue 30 Aug 17:00 Pix 30 Aug
Tue 30 Aug 15:00 Position 30-Aug-16 1600hrs 41:18.450N 19.26.981E 41:18.45N 19:26.98E
Tue 30 Aug 13:15 Position 30-Aug-16 1415hrs 41:03.973N 19:21.304E 41:03.97N 19:21.30E
Tue 30 Aug 09:05 Position 30-Aug-16 1005hrs 40:32.897N 19:19.812E 40:32.90N 19:19.81E
Mon 29 Aug 16:30 Position 29-Aug-16 1730hrs 40:20.344N 19:28.392E 40:20.34N 19:28.39E
Mon 29 Aug 13:00 Pix 29-Aug-16 1400hrs 40:26.961N 19:29.077E 40:26.96N 19:29.08E
Mon 29 Aug 04:55 Pix 29 Aug
Sun 28 Aug 10:45 Position 28-Aug-16 1145hrs 39:52.642N 19:35.144E 39:52.64N 19:35.14E
Fri 26 Aug 21:00 Position 26-Aug-16 2200hrs 39:43.101N 19:40.050E 39:43.10N 19:40.05E
Fri 26 Aug 10:55 Position 26-Aug-16 1155hrs 38:49.120N 18:36.318E 38:49.12N 18:36.32E
Fri 26 Aug 01:55 Position 26-Aug-16 0255hrs 38:15.790N 17:22.466E 38:15.79N 17:22.47E
Thu 25 Aug 23:45 Position 26-Aug-16 0045hrs 38:10.563N 17:04.153E 38:10.56N 17:04.15E
Thu 25 Aug 18:00 Position 25-Aug-16 1900hrs 37:55.778N 16:10.431E 37:55.78N 16:10.43E
Thu 25 Aug 16:35 Position 25-Aug-16 1735 hrs 37:52.347N 16:00.363E 37:52.35N 16:00.36E
Wed 24 Aug 18:00 Pix Aug 24 #2
Wed 24 Aug 16:00 Pix Aug 24
Tue 23 Aug 18:00 Pix 23 Aug #2
Tue 23 Aug 16:00 Pix 23rd August
Tue 23 Aug 13:30 Position 23-Aug-16 1430hrs 37:43.877N 15:12.447E 37:43.88N 15:12.45E
Tue 23 Aug 08:14 Position 23-Aug-16 0914hhrs 37:09.021N 15:18.031E 37:09.02N 15:18.03E
Mon 22 Aug 18:30 Position 22-Aug-16 1930hrs 37:04.093N 15:17.537E 37:04.09N 15:17.54E
Mon 22 Aug 18:30 Pix Aug 22 1930hrs
Mon 22 Aug 14:30 Position 22-Aug-16 1530hrs 36:39.829N 15:08.475E 36:39.83N 15:08.47E
Mon 22 Aug 13:07 Position 22-Aug-16 1407hrs 36:30.956N 15:00.470E 36:30.96N 15:00.47E
Mon 22 Aug 09:15 Position 22-Aug-16 1015hrs 36:02.520N 14:38.356E 36:02.52N 14:38.36E
Sun 21 Aug 18:00 Pix Aug 21
Sun 21 Aug 11:00 Position 21-Aug-16 1200hrs 35:53.273N 14:31.150E 35:53.27N 14:31.15E
Sat 20 Aug 20:00 Pix 20 August 2100 hrs
Sat 20 Aug 16:20 Position 20-Aug-16 1720HRS 35:50.187N 14:33.157E 35:50.19N 14:33.16E
Sat 20 Aug 14:30 Position 20-Aug-16 1530hrs 35:52.600N 14:20.123E 35:52.60N 14:20.12E
Sat 20 Aug 13:00 Position 20-Aug-16 1400hrs 35:58.772N 14:18.578E 35:58.77N 14:18.58E
Sat 20 Aug 11:30 Position 20-Aug-16 1230hrs 36:00.938N 14:19.330E 36:00.94N 14:19.33E
Fri 19 Aug 18:00 Pix 19 Aug
Fri 19 Aug 17:45 Position 19-Aug-16 1845hrs 35:58.362N 14:21.361E 35:58.36N 14:21.36E
Fri 19 Aug 12:50 Position 19-Aug-16 1350hrs 35:58.360N 14:21.368E 35:58.36N 14:21.37E
Thu 18 Aug 16:00 Pix 18 August
Thu 18 Aug 16:00 Pix Update Aug 5 to Aug 18
Sun 14 Aug 16:46 Pix 14 Aug
Fri 05 Aug 07:05 Pix August 4
Fri 05 Aug 06:42 Pix 03-Aug-16 1845hrs 35:53.272N 14:31.149E 35:53.27N 14:31.15E
Wed 03 Aug 17:45 Position 03-Aug-16 1845hrs 35:53.272N 14:31.149E 35:53.27N 14:31.15E
Wed 03 Aug 17:00 Position 03-Aug-16 1800hrs 35:56.161N 14:32.813E 35:56.16N 14:32.81E
Wed 03 Aug 12:50 Pix 03-Aug-16 1350hrs 36.24.206N 14:44.006E 36:24.21N 14:44.01E
Wed 03 Aug 10:36 Pix 03-Aug-16 1155hrs 36:37.442N 14:49.752E 36:37.44N 14:49.75E
Tue 02 Aug 18:30 Position 02-Aug-16 1930hrs 36:42.941N 14:49.914E 36:42.94N 14:49.91E
Tue 02 Aug 12:00 Position 02-Aug-16 1300hrs 36:41.306N 15:08.597E 36:41.31N 15:08.60E
Mon 01 Aug 18:00 Pix 01-Aug-16 1900hrs 36:43.823N 15:07.414E 36:43.82N 15:07.41E
Mon 01 Aug 15:00 Pix #2 1 Aug 16
Mon 01 Aug 14:30 Pix 01-Aug-16 1530hrs
Jul 2016
Sun 31 Jul 17:00 Pix #2 31 Jul 2016
Sun 31 Jul 16:30 Pix 31-Jul-16 1730hrs 37:04.020N 15:17.445E 37:04.02N 15:17.45E
Sun 31 Jul 15:39 Position 31-Jul-16 1730hrs 37:04.020N 15:17.445E 37:04.02N 15:17.45E
Sun 31 Jul 11:12 Pix 31-Jul-16 1300hrs 37:37.129N 15:17.372E 37:37.13N 15:17.37E
Sat 30 Jul 18:40 Pix 30-Jul-16 1940hrs 37:50.728N 15:17.331E 37:50.73N 15:17.33E
Sat 30 Jul 16:15 Pix 30-Jul-16 1715hrs 38:04.693N 15:30.088E 38:04.69N 15:30.09E
Sat 30 Jul 15:35 Position 30-Jul-16 1635hrs 38:09.243N 15.33.770E 38:09.24N 15:33.77E
Sat 30 Jul 14:38 Pix 30-Jul-16 1430hrs 38:16.108N 15:39.532E 38:16.11N 15:39.53E
Sat 30 Jul 12:45 Position 30-Jul-16 1345hrs 38:18.441N 15:32.486E 38:18.44N 15:32.49E
Sat 30 Jul 09:49 Position 30-Jul-16 1145hrs 38:16.403N 15:13.372E 38:16.40N 15:13.37E
Sat 30 Jul 09:05 Pix 30 Jul 1052hrs
Thu 28 Jul 18:15 Position 28-Jul-16 1915hrs 38:07.499N 15:06.705E 38:07.50N 15:06.71E
Thu 28 Jul 13:25 Position 28-Jul-16 1425hrs 38:28.264n 14:57.590e 38:28.26N 14:57.59E
Thu 28 Jul 12:20 Position 28-Jul-16 1320hrs 38:37.451N 15:06.473E 38:37.45N 15:06.47E
Wed 27 Jul 18:00 Pix 27 July 1900hrs
Wed 27 Jul 18:00 Position 27-Jul-16 1900hrs 38:47.640N 15:14.274E 38:47.64N 15:14.27E
Wed 27 Jul 17:00 Position 27-Jul-16 1800hrs 38:43.739N 15:11.568E 38:43.74N 15:11.57E
Wed 27 Jul 14:30 Pix 27 July 1530hrs
Wed 27 Jul 14:30 Position 27-Jul-16 1530hrs 38:39.911N 15:07.973E 38:39.91N 15:07.97E
Wed 27 Jul 12:55 Position 27-Jul-16 1240hrs 38:37.978N 15:04.799E 38:37.98N 15:04.80E
Wed 27 Jul 09:41 Position 27-Jul-16 1140hrs 38:34.802N 14:57.983E 38:34.80N 14:57.98E
Tue 26 Jul 21:00 Pix 26 2200hrs July Isloa Salina
Tue 26 Jul 18:28 Pix 26 July 1930hrs 38:33.357N 14:52.326E 38:33.36N 14:52.33E
Tue 26 Jul 16:49 Pix 25 July 1445hrs 38:26.425N 14:57.056E 38:26.43N 14:57.06E
Mon 25 Jul 09:05 Pix 24 July
Tue 19 Jul 08:09 Pix July 19 #3
Tue 19 Jul 07:33 July 19 #2
Tue 19 Jul 07:22 Pix July 19 #1
Sun 17 Jul 19:00 Position 17-Jul-16 2000hrs 38:28.673N 14:57.812E 38:28.67N 14:57.81E
Sun 17 Jul 18:15 Position 17-Jul-16 1915hrs 38:26.490N 14:57.490E 38:26.49N 14:57.49E
Sun 17 Jul 15:44 Position 17-Jul-16 1740hrs 38:19.154N 14:41.467E 38:19.15N 14:41.47E
Sun 17 Jul 14:54 Position 17-Jul-16 1550hrs 38:15.874N 14:33.347E 38:15.87N 14:33.35E
Sun 17 Jul 12:20 Position
Fri 15 Jul 17:38 Position 15-Jul-16 0630hrs 38:02.262N 14:02.026E 38:02.26N 14:02.03E
Thu 14 Jul 14:48 Position 14-Jul-16 1745hrs 38:13.128N 15:14.537E 38:13.13N 15:14.54E
Thu 14 Jul 13:36 Position 14-Jul-16 1530hrs 38:18.960N 15:18.244E 38:18.96N 15:18.24E
Thu 14 Jul 10:18 Position 14-Jul-16 1215hrs 38:43.772N 15:30.964E 38:43.77N 15:30.96E
Thu 14 Jul 09:34 Pix 14-Jul-16 1130hrs 38:49.739N 15:34.452E 38:49.74N 15:34.45E
Thu 14 Jul 08:10 Position 14-Jul-16 1005hrs 39:01.379N 15:41.487E 39:01.38N 15:41.49E
Thu 14 Jul 06:47 Position 14-Jul-16 0835hrs 39:14.252N 15:46.527E 39:14.25N 15:46.53E
Thu 14 Jul 06:39 Position 14-Jul-16 0835hrs 39:14.252N 15:46.527E 39:14.25N 15:46.53E
Thu 14 Jul 04:17 14-Jul-16 0600hrs Depart Cetraro for Milazzo, Sicily.
Tue 12 Jul 16:06 Position 12-Jul-16 1800hrs 39:31.636N 15:55.116E 39:31.64N 15:55.12E
Tue 12 Jul 15:03 position 12-Jul-16 1700hrs 39:32.198N 15:52.740E 39:32.20N 15:52.74E
Tue 12 Jul 11:30 Pix 12-Jul-16 1300hrs 39:54.817N 15:22.981E 39:54.82N 15:22.98E
Mon 11 Jul 17:50 Position 11-Jul-16 1850hrs 40:01.985N 15:16.856E 40:01.99N 15:16.86E
Mon 11 Jul 15:10 Position 11-Jul-16 1610hrs 40:12.584N 14:54.980E 40:12.58N 14:54.98E
Mon 11 Jul 12:00 Pix 11-Jul-16 1300hrs 40:34.286N 14:39.669E 40:34.29N 14:39.67E
Sun 10 Jul 15:30 Position 10-Jul-16 1630hrs 40:37.869N 14:35.975E 40:37.87N 14:35.98E
Sat 09 Jul 15:15 Position 09-Jul-16 1615hrs 40:37.836N 14:35.913E 40:37.84N 14:35.91E
Sat 09 Jul 13:46 Position 09-Jul-16 1545hrs 40:36.399N 14:33.915E 40:36.40N 14:33.91E
Sat 09 Jul 11:30 Pix 09-Jul-16 1230hrs 40:35.016N 14:26.127E 40:35.02N 14:26.13E
Sat 09 Jul 10:30 Position 09-Jul-16 1130hrs 40:33.964N 14:19.781E 40:33.96N 14:19.78E
Sat 09 Jul 10:15 Position 09-Jul-16 1115hrs 40:35.832N 14:19.092E 40:35.83N 14:19.09E
Sat 09 Jul 08:59 Position 09-Jul-16 1055hrs 40:38.154N 14:20.870E 40:38.15N 14:20.87E
Fri 08 Jul 18:00 Pix 08-Jul-16 1900hrs 40:37.932N 14:22.967E 40:37.93N 14:22.97E
Fri 08 Jul 15:09 Position 08-Jul-16 1700hrs 40:40.640N 14:05.684E 40:40.64N 14:05.68E
Thu 07 Jul 16:45 Position 07-Jul-16 1745hrs 40:44.697N 13:56.552E 40:44.70N 13:56.55E
Thu 07 Jul 15:07 Position 07-Jul-16 1607hrs 40:36.470N 14:06.420E 40:36.47N 14:06.42E
Thu 07 Jul 14:20 Position 07-Jul-16 1520hrs 40:32.092N 14:11.651E 40:32.09N 14:11.65E
Thu 07 Jul 12:45 Pix 07-Jul-16 1345hrs 40:32.321N 14:13.173E 40:32.32N 14:13.17E
Wed 06 Jul 11:30 Pix 06-Jul-16 1230hrs 40:32.720N 14:14.552E 40:32.72N 14:14.55E
Wed 06 Jul 09:14 Pix 06-Jul-16 1040hrs 40:40.117N 14:23.491E 40:40.12N 14:23.49E
Tue 05 Jul 10:35 Position 05-Jul-16 1200hrs 40:43.358N 14:28.330E 40:43.36N 14:28.33E
Tue 05 Jul 08:59 Position 05-Jul-16 1030hrs 40:46.230N 14:15.378E 40:46.23N 14:15.38E
Tue 05 Jul 08:16 Position 05-Jul-16 1010hrs 40:43.658N 14:16.453E 40:43.66N 14:16.45E
Mon 04 Jul 16:30 Position 04-Jul-16 1730hrs 40:43.702N 13:57.791E 40:43.70N 13:57.79E
Mon 04 Jul 15:00 Position 04-Jul-16 1600hrs 40:45.618N 13:39.860E 40:45.62N 13:39.86E
Mon 04 Jul 13:37 Position 04-Jul-16 1437hrs 40:48.640N 13:26.295E 40:48.64N 13:26.30E
Mon 04 Jul 11:50 Position 04-Jul-16 1250hrs 40:52.251N 13:08.120E 40:52.25N 13:08.12E
Sun 03 Jul 16:59 Position 03-Jul-16 1800hrs 40:54.184N 12:57.861E 40:54.18N 12:57.86E
Sun 03 Jul 15:47 Position 03-Jul-16 1730hrs 40:52.691N 12:57.934E 40:52.69N 12:57.93E
Sun 03 Jul 15:47 Position 03-Jul-16 1720hrs 40:52.450N 12:57.122E 40:52.45N 12:57.12E
Sun 03 Jul 14:45 Pix 03-Jul-16 1500hrs 41:08.312N 12:41.247E 41:08.31N 12:41.25E
Sun 03 Jul 10:02 Position 03-Jul-16 1200hrs 41:30.300N 12:19.580E 41:30.30N 12:19.58E
Sun 03 Jul 08:44 Position 03-Jul-16 1030hrs 41:40.378N 12:08.515E 41:40.38N 12:08.52E
Sun 03 Jul 05:34 Position 03-Jul-16 0700hrs 42:02.487N 11:47.254E 42:02.49N 11:47.25E
Jun 2016
Tue 28 Jun 15:38 Position 28-Jun-16 1645hrs 42:03.940N 11:48.721E 42:03.94N 11:48.72E
Tue 28 Jun 12:16 Position 28-Jun-16 1420hrs 41:51.837N 12:00.375E 41:51.84N 12:00.38E
Tue 28 Jun 09:57 Position 28-Jun-16 1150hrs 41:41:42N 12:16.91E 41:41.42N 12:16.91E
Mon 27 Jun 15:01 Position 27-Jun-16 1700hrs 41:27.228N 12:39.764E 41:27.23N 12:39.76E
Mon 27 Jun 12:16 Position 27-Jun-16 1410hrs 41:16.945N 12:51.695E 41:16.95N 12:51.70E
Mon 27 Jun 11:00 Position 27-Jun-16 1200hrs 41:06.046N 13:12:11E 41:06.05N 13:12.11E
Mon 27 Jun 08:01 27-Jun-16 1000hrs 40:57.819N 13:29.278E 40:57.82N 13:29.28E
Sun 26 Jun 15:15 Position 26-Jun-16 1615hrs 40:43.702N 13:57.791E 40:43.70N 13:57.79E
Sat 25 Jun 19:00 Pix Jun-25 2000hrs 40:49.8N 14:15.1E Santa Lucia 40:49.80N 14:15.10E
Sat 25 Jun 15:30 Pix 25 June 1630hrs Capri
Fri 24 Jun 15:00 Position 24-Jun-16 1600hrs 40:32.679N 14:14.435E 40:32.68N 14:14.44E
Fri 24 Jun 12:37 Position 24-Jun-16 1435hrs 40:34.858N 14:09.296E 40:34.86N 14:09.30E
Thu 23 Jun 18:30 Pix 23-Jun-16 1930hrs 40:44.899N 14:00.291E 40:44.90N 14:00.29E
Thu 23 Jun 18:30 Position 23-Jun-16 1930hrs 40:44.899N 14:00.291E 40:44.90N 14:00.29E
Thu 23 Jun 18:30 Pix 23-Jun-16 1930hrs 40:44.899N 14:00.291E Pompei 40:44.90N 14:00.29E
Thu 23 Jun 16:56 Position 23-Jun-16 1850hrs 40:43.869N 14:08.070E 40:43.87N 14:08.07E
Wed 22 Jun 17:30 Pix June 22 1800hrs
Wed 22 Jun 16:17 Position 22-Jun-16 1810hrs 40:43.358N 14:28.330E 40:43.36N 14:28.33E
Wed 22 Jun 14:50 Position 22-Jun-16 1647hr 40:37.452N 14:19.343E 40:37.45N 14:19.34E
Tue 21 Jun 13:20 Pix June 21 1420hrs 40:32.629N 14:14.225E 40:32.63N 14:14.22E
Tue 21 Jun 12:10 Position 21-Jun-16 1310hrs 40:33.986N 14:16.905E 40:33.99N 14:16.91E
Tue 21 Jun 11:40 Position 21-Jun-16 1240hrs 40:37.281N 14:19.055E 40:37.28N 14:19.05E
Tue 21 Jun 08:31 Pix 21 June Capri #2
Sun 19 Jun 15:00 position June 19, 1600hrs 40:43.360N 14:28.327E 40:43.36N 14:28.33E
Sun 19 Jun 13:16 Position June 19 1515hrs 40:43.571N 14:25.660E 40:43.57N 14:25.66E
Sun 19 Jun 13:00 Position June 19 1400hrs 40:43.184N 14:12.647E 40:43.18N 14:12.65E
Sat 18 Jun 18:00 Pix 18 June 1900hrs Aragon Castello d'Ishia
Sat 18 Jun 16:00 Pix 18 June 1700hrs
Fri 17 Jun 21:00 Pix 17 June 10pm
Fri 17 Jun 18:00 Pix Porto D'Ischia 17 June 1900 hrs 40:44.698N 13:56.555E 40:44.70N 13:56.55E
Fri 17 Jun 13:43 position JUNE 17 1540hrs 40:46.460N 13:24.621E 40:46.46N 13:24.62E
Fri 17 Jun 11:10 Pix departing Ponza June 17 1200hrs
Thu 16 Jun 19:30 Pix 16 June 2030hrs
Thu 16 Jun 16:00 Position 16 June 1700hrs 40:54.133N 12:57.879E 40:54.13N 12:57.88E
Thu 16 Jun 11:00 Pix Jun 16 Cala Feola
Wed 15 Jun 18:41 Pix June 15. 1800 hrs 40:55.258N 12:57.680E 40:55.26N 12:57.68E
Wed 15 Jun 18:34 Pix Ponza June 15
Tue 14 Jun 18:22 Pix Ponza June 14
Tue 14 Jun 16:30 Pix Jun 14 1800 40:53.732N 12:57.662E 40:53.73N 12:57.66E
Tue 14 Jun 16:30 Position 14 Jun 1:45 40:52.560N 12:57.353E 40:52.56N 12:57.35E
Tue 14 Jun 13:41 Pix June 14. 41:07.872N 12:55.213E 41:07.87N 12:55.21E
Mon 13 Jun 16:00 Pix June 13, 41:27.282N 12:39.677E 41:27.28N 12:39.68E
Sun 12 Jun 15:45 Pix June 12, 1645hrs, 41:44.313N 12:14.587E 41:44.31N 12:14.59E
Sun 12 Jun 12:45 Position 12 June, 1345hrs, 41:53.741N 11:59.290E 41:53.74N 11:59.29E
Sun 12 Jun 11:35 Position June 12, 1235hrs, 41:59.079N 11:52.284E 41:59.08N 11:52.28E
Sun 12 Jun 11:30 PIX 2016 Westralia Tour
Sep 2015
Sat 05 Sep 15:00 Position 05-Sep-15 1600hrs 42:03.88N 11:48.48E 42:03.88N 11:48.48E
Sat 05 Sep 11:48 Position 05-Sep-15 1248hrs 42:16.031N 11:27.279E 42:16.03N 11:27.28E
Fri 04 Sep 16:30 Position 04-Sep-15 1730hrs 42:24.141N 11:12.730E 42:24.14N 11:12.73E
Fri 04 Sep 14:25 Position 04-Sep-15 1525hrs 42:25.518N 11:00.233E 42:25.52N 11:00.23E
Fri 04 Sep 12:53 Position 04-Sep-15 1353hrs 42:31.889N 10:46.249E 42:31.89N 10:46.25E
Fri 04 Sep 11:18 Position 04-Sep-15 1218hrs 42:38.583N 10:31.438E 42:38.58N 10:31.44E
Fri 04 Sep 10:59 Position 04-Sep-15 1159hrs 42:39.842N 10:28.641E 42:39.84N 10:28.64E
Thu 03 Sep 12:30 Photos 03-Sep-15 1330hrs 42:45.481N 10:19.282E 42:45.48N 10:19.28E
Wed 02 Sep 15:20 Photos 02-Sep-15 1620hrs 42:45.319N 10:24.452E 42:45.32N 10:24.45E
Tue 01 Sep 15:43 Position 01-Sep-15 1530hrs 42:48.871N 10:19.821E 42:48.87N 10:19.82E
Tue 01 Sep 11:30 Position 01-Sep-15 1230hrs 42:43.584N 10:07.951E 42:43.58N 10:07.95E
Tue 01 Sep 07:30 Photos Sep 1
Aug 2015
Mon 31 Aug 20:30 Photos 31-Aug-15 2130hrs 42:44.271N 10:14.306E 42:44.27N 10:14.31E
Mon 31 Aug 17:30 Photos 31-Aug-15 1830hrs 42:33.475N 10:34.238E 42:33.48N 10:34.24E
Mon 31 Aug 10:00 Photos Aug 31
Sun 30 Aug 19:00 Photos 30 August
Sun 30 Aug 16:00 Position 30-Aug-15 1700hrs 42.21.286N 10:55.472E 42:21.29N 10:55.47E
Sat 29 Aug 20:34 Photos Aug 29
Fri 28 Aug 14:30 Position 28-Aug-15 1530hrs 42:03.900N 11:48.657E 42:03.90N 11:48.66E
Thu 27 Aug 17:30 Position 27-Aug-15 1830hrs 42.21.286N 10:55.472E 42:21.29N 10:55.47E
Thu 27 Aug 14:22 Photos 27-Aug-15 1522hrs 42:35.017N 10:48.027E 42:35.02N 10:48.03E
Wed 26 Aug 11:54 Photo 26-Aug-15 1045hrs 42:55.871N 10:30.471E 42:55.87N 10:30.47E
Tue 25 Aug 19:00 Photos Aug 25
Tue 25 Aug 18:30 Position 25-Aug-15 1930hrs 42:48.812N 10:19.715E 42:48.81N 10:19.71E
Tue 25 Aug 12:45 Position 25-Aug-15 1345hrs 42:63.341N 9:22.784E 42:63.34N 9:22.78E
Mon 24 Aug 19:00 Photos August 24
Mon 24 Aug 13:45 Position 24-Aug-15 1445hrs 42:33.916N 8:45.452E 42:33.92N 8:45.45E
Mon 24 Aug 12:00 Photos 24-Aug-15 1300hrs 42:26.520N 8:34.851E 42:26.52N 8:34.85E
Mon 24 Aug 11:35 Position 24-Aug-15 1235hrs 42:23.383N 8:31.802E 42:23.38N 8:31.80E
Mon 24 Aug 11:00 Position 24-Aug-15 1200hrs 42:19.785N 8:32.751E 42:19.79N 8:32.75E
Sun 23 Aug 15:45 Photos 23-Aug-15 1645hrs 42:16.150N 8:37.599E 42:16.15N 8:37.60E
Sun 23 Aug 15:37 Photos Aug 23
Sun 23 Aug 14:53 Position 23-Aug-15 1553hrs 42:14.239N 8:32.060E 42:14.24N 8:32.06E
Sun 23 Aug 12:51 Position 23-Aug-15 1315hrs 41:51.961N 8:34.301E 41:51.96N 8:34.30E
Sun 23 Aug 12:00 Position 23-Aug-15 1300hrs 41.50.839N 8:36.203E 41:50.84N 8:36.20E
Sat 22 Aug 19:46 Photos Ajaccio Aug 22
Sat 22 Aug 15:51 Photos 22-Aug-15 1651hrs 41.55.143N 8:44.497E 41:55.14N 8:44.50E
Sat 22 Aug 14:11 Position 22-Aug-15 1511hrs 41:46.825N 8:38.777E 41:46.83N 8:38.78E
Sat 22 Aug 12:56 Position 22-Aug-15 1356hrs 41:39.479N 8:41.524E 41:39.48N 8:41.52E
Sat 22 Aug 12:56 Position 22-Aug-15 1356hrs 41:39.479N 8:41.524E 41:39.48N 8:41.52E
Sat 22 Aug 11:27 Photos 22-Aug-15 1227hrs 41:31.215N 8:47.740E 41:31.21N 8:47.74E
Fri 21 Aug 13:30 Photos 21-Aug-15 1430hrs 41:28.457N 9:04.360E 41:28.46N 9:04.36E
Fri 21 Aug 12:44 Position 21-Aug-15 1344hrs 41:24.856N 9:04.639E 41:24.86N 9:04.64E
Fri 21 Aug 11:10 Position 21-Aug-15 1210hrs 41:19.778N 9:13.443E 41:19.78N 9:13.44E
Thu 20 Aug 16:50 Photos 20-Aug-15 1750hrs 41:12.956N 9:29.004E 41:12.96N 9:29.00E
Thu 20 Aug 15:49 Position 20-Aug-15 1649hrs 41:09.396N 9:33.411E 41:09.40N 9:33.41E
Wed 19 Aug 13:57 Photos 19-Aug-15 1457hrs 41:01.955N 9:40.150E 41:01.96N 9:40.15E
Wed 19 Aug 10:30 Position 19-Aug-15 1130hrs 41:12.958N 9:29.065E 41:12.96N 9:29.07E
Wed 19 Aug 10:09 Position 19-Aug-15 1109hrs 41:19.897N 9:27.910E 41:19.90N 9:27.91E
Wed 19 Aug 08:46 Position 19-Aug-15 0946hrs 41:30.618N 9:25.434E 41:30.62N 9:25.43E
Tue 18 Aug 18:54 Position 18-Aug-15 1954hrs 41:37.993N 9:21.432E 41:37.99N 9:21.43E
Tue 18 Aug 14:56 Position 18-Aug-15 1556hrs 42:05.441N 9:33.585E 42:05.44N 9:33.59E
Tue 18 Aug 11:36 Position 18-Aug-15 1236hrs 42:31.792N 9:33.778E 42:31.79N 9:33.78E
Mon 17 Aug 15:45 Photos 17-Aug-15 1645hrs 42:41.355N 9:26.964E 42:41.35N 9:26.96E
Mon 17 Aug 12:04 Position 17-Aug-15 1304hrs 42.48.181N 10:04.330E 42:48.18N 10:04.33E
Sun 16 Aug 12:15 Position 16-Aug-15 1315hrs 42:39.891N 10:34.706E 42:39.89N 10:34.71E
Sat 15 Aug 16:00 Photos 15-Aug-15 1700hrs 42:21.187N 10:55.336E 42:21.19N 10:55.34E
Fri 14 Aug 19:43 Photos 14 August
Tue 11 Aug 21:09 Photos August 11
Tue 11 Aug 17:30 Position 11-Aug-15 1830hrs 42:03.957N 11:48.689E 42:03.96N 11:48.69E
Tue 11 Aug 11:41 Position 11-Aug-15 1241hrs 42:24.897N 11:00.107E 42:24.90N 11:00.11E
Tue 11 Aug 07:53 Position 11-Aug-15 0853hrs 42:39.482N 10:25.481E 42:39.48N 10:25.48E
Mon 10 Aug 14:00 Position 10-Aug-15 1500hrs 42:44.316N 10:14.304E 42:44.32N 10:14.30E
Mon 10 Aug 10:46 Position 10-Aug-15 1146hrs 42:42.998N 9:41.468E 42:43.00N 9:41.47E
Fri 07 Aug 17:00 Position 07-Aug-15 1800hrs 42:42.509N 9:27.353E 42:42.51N 9:27.35E
Fri 07 Aug 15:06 Photos August 7
Thu 06 Aug 21:00 Position 06-Aug-15 2200hrs 41.51.460N 9:24.284E 41:51.46N 9:24.28E
Thu 06 Aug 18:00 Position 06-Aug-15 1900hrs 41:37.046N 9:21.083E 41:37.05N 9:21.08E
Thu 06 Aug 15:05 Photos August 6
Thu 06 Aug 12:00 Position 06-Aug-15 1300hrs 41:31.813N 9:20.123E 41:31.81N 9:20.12E
Wed 05 Aug 18:42 Photos August 5
Wed 05 Aug 16:00 Position 05-Aug-15 1700hrs 41.24.591N 9:13.410E 41:24.59N 9:13.41E
Tue 04 Aug 18:00 Position 04-Aug-15 1900hrs 41:12.930N 9:28.044E 41:12.93N 9:28.04E
Mon 03 Aug 21:14 Photos August 3
Mon 03 Aug 15:15 Position 03-Aug-15 1615hrs 40:55.01N 9:31.587E 40:55.01N 9:31.59E
Mon 03 Aug 15:00 Position 03-Aug-15 1600hrs 40.55.228N 9:31.452E 40:55.23N 9:31.45E
Mon 03 Aug 14:44 Position 03-Aug-15 15:44hrs 40:55.347N 9:34.343E 40:55.35N 9:34.34E
Mon 03 Aug 14:16 Position 03-Aug-15 15:16hrs 40:56.226N 9:39.108E 40:56.23N 9:39.11E
Mon 03 Aug 14:07 Position 03-Aug-15 15:07hrs 40:55.024N 9:39.995E 40:55.02N 9:39.99E
Mon 03 Aug 13:53 Position 03-Aug-15 14:53hrs 40:53.264N 9:39.805E 40:53.26N 9:39.80E
Mon 03 Aug 13:36 Position 03-Aug-15 14:36hrs 40:51.638N 9:42.009E 40:51.64N 9:42.01E
Mon 03 Aug 13:25 Position 03-Aug-15 1425hrs 40:51.147N 9:42.009E 40:51.15N 9:42.01E
Mon 03 Aug 12:18 Position 03-Aug-15 1318hrs 40:42.718N 9:46.647E 40:42.72N 9:46.65E
Mon 03 Aug 10:01 Position 03-Aug-15 1154hrs 40:31.382N 9:50.304E 40:31.38N 9:50.30E
Mon 03 Aug 10:01 Position 03-Aug-15 1049hrs 40:24.578N 9:49:878E 40:24.58N 9:49.88E
Mon 03 Aug 10:00 Position 02-Aug-15 2130hrs 39:59.480N 9:41.622E 39:59.48N 9:41.62E
Sun 02 Aug 15:08 Position 02-Aug-15 1600hrs 39:22.963N 9:39.262E 39:22.96N 9:39.26E
Sun 02 Aug 10:45 position 2 Aug 1145hrs 39:05.493N 9:31.452E 39:05.49N 9:31.45E
Sun 02 Aug 08:00 Photos Aug 2
Sat 01 Aug 15:07 Photos August 1
Sat 01 Aug 13:56 Position 01-Aug-15 1456hrs 39:12.732N 9:06.737E 39:12.73N 9:06.74E
Sat 01 Aug 13:56 Position 01-Aug 1456hrs 39:12.732N 9:06.737E 39:12.73N 9:06.74E
Jul 2015
Fri 31 Jul 18:00 Position 31-Jul-15 1900hrs 39:07.679N 9:33.303E 39:07.68N 9:33.30E
Fri 31 Jul 17:00 Position 31-Jul-15 1800hrs 39:11.840N 9:36.497E 39:11.84N 9:36.50E
Fri 31 Jul 13:54 Position 31-Jul-15 1454hrs 39:36.308N 9:40.921E 39:36.31N 9:40.92E
Thu 30 Jul 16:30 Position 30-Jul-15 1730hrs 39:56.280N 9:42.238E 39:56.28N 9:42.24E
Thu 30 Jul 15:58 Photos 30 July
Thu 30 Jul 14:00 Position 30-Jul-15 1500hrs 39:58.454N 9:41.985E 39:58.45N 9:41.98E
Wed 29 Jul 16:52 Position 29-Jul-15 1752hrs 40:36.706N 9:45.207E 40:36.71N 9:45.21E
Mon 27 Jul 15:25 Photos Jul 23 - 27
Sun 26 Jul 15:38 Photos Jul 24-26
Wed 22 Jul 15:00 Photos Jul 22
Wed 22 Jul 12:00 Position 22-Jul-15 1300hrs 40:55.01N 9:31.587E 40:55.01N 9:31.59E
Tue 21 Jul 14:44 Photos 21 July part 2
Tue 21 Jul 14:00 Position 21-Jul-15 1500hrs 41:12.933N 9:28.960E 41:12.93N 9:28.96E
Tue 21 Jul 13:43 Position 21-Jul-15 1443hrs 41:16.140N 9:23.777E 41:16.14N 9:23.78E
Tue 21 Jul 08:32 Photos July 21st
Mon 20 Jul 16:14 Position 20-Jul-15 1714hrs 41:23.349N 9:09.839E 41:23.35N 9:09.84E
Mon 20 Jul 12:40 Position 20-Jul-15 1340hrs 41:11.240N 8:44.669E 41:11.24N 8:44.67E
Mon 20 Jul 08:21 Photos Jul 20
Sun 19 Jul 18:00 Position 19-Jul-15 1900hrs 40:56.314N 8:13.982E 40:56.31N 8:13.98E
Fri 17 Jul 16:00 Photos 17 July
Fri 17 Jul 13:00 Position 17-Jul-15 1400hrs 40:33.625N 8:18.736E 40:33.62N 8:18.74E
Thu 16 Jul 16:15 Position 16-Jul-15 1715hrs 40:44.447N 8:08.608E 40:44.45N 8:08.61E
Thu 16 Jul 16:00 Photos 16 July
Thu 16 Jul 13:08 Position 16-Jul-15 1408hrs 41:02.218N 8:12.745E 41:02.22N 8:12.74E
Thu 16 Jul 11:32 Position 16-Jul-15 1232hrs 41:06.877N 8:16.807E 41:06.88N 8:16.81E
Thu 16 Jul 10:35 Position 16-Jul-15 11:35hrs 41:06.094N 8:21.598E 41:06.09N 8:21.60E
Wed 15 Jul 16:00 Photos 15 July
Wed 15 Jul 15:00 Position 15-Jul-15 1600hrs 41:03.668N 8:17.553E 41:03.67N 8:17.55E
Wed 15 Jul 10:00 Position 15-Jul-15 1100hrs 41.13.312N 9:01.430E 41:13.31N 9:01.43E
Tue 14 Jul 16:00 Photos 14 July
Tue 14 Jul 15:00 Position 14-Jul-15 1600hrs 41:15.433N 9:25.837E 41:15.43N 9:25.84E
Tue 14 Jul 11:30 Position 14-Jul-15 1230hrs 41:08.030N 9:32.140E
Mon 13 Jul 16:00 Photos 13-Jul-15 1700hrs 41:01.958N 9:32.978E 41:01.96N 9:32.98E
Mon 13 Jul 16:00 Position 13-Jul-15 1700hrs 41:01.958N 9:32.978E 41:01.96N 9:32.98E
Sun 12 Jul 16:00 Position 12-Jul-15 1700hrs 40:55.01N 9:31.587E 40:55.01N 9:31.59E
Fri 10 Jul 14:00 Position 10-Jul-15 1500hrs 41:15.48N 9:25.798E 41:15.48N 9:25.80E
Wed 08 Jul 12:00 Position 08-Jul-15 1300hrs 40:55.01N 9:31.587E 40:55.01N 9:31.59E
Tue 07 Jul 20:00 Position 07-Jul-15 2100hrs 41:13.028N 9:28.058E 41:13.03N 9:28.06E
Tue 07 Jul 10:18 Photos 7 July
Mon 06 Jul 09:45 Photos 6 July
Sun 05 Jul 13:30 Position 05-Jul-15 1430hrs 41:23.317N 9:09.823E 41:23.32N 9:09.82E
Sun 05 Jul 09:31 Photos 05-Jul-15 1745hrs
Sat 04 Jul 11:00 Photos 04-Jul-15 1200hrs 41:03.668N 8:17.553E 41:03.67N 8:17.55E
Fri 03 Jul 13:50 Photos 03-Jul-15 1450hrs 40:56.314N 8:13.982E 40:56.31N 8:13.98E
Fri 03 Jul 10:15 Depart Castelsardo 03-Jul-15 1115hrs
Thu 02 Jul 16:22 Photos 02-Jul-15 1722hrs 40:54.792N 8:42.110E 40:54.79N 8:42.11E
Thu 02 Jul 15:35 Position 02-Jul-15 1635hrs 40:56.127N 8:43.291E 40:56.13N 8:43.29E
Thu 02 Jul 14:31 Position 02-Jul-15 1531hrs 41:01.287N 8:49.361E 41:01.29N 8:49.36E
Thu 02 Jul 12:35 position 02-Jul-15 1335hrs 41:10.931N 9:02.069E 41:10.93N 9:02.07E
Thu 02 Jul 10:50 Position 02-Jul-15 1150hrs 41:16.143N 9:17.487E 41:16.14N 9:17.49E
Thu 02 Jul 09:41 Position 02-Jul-15 1041hrs 41:16.046N 9:28.077E 41:16.05N 9:28.08E
Wed 01 Jul 14:00 Photos 01-Jul-15 01-Jul-15 1500hrs 41.13.108N 9:29.071E 41:13.11N 9:29.07E
Wed 01 Jul 13:37 Position 01-Jul-15 1437hrs 41:09.190N 9:32.620E 41:09.19N 9:32.62E
Wed 01 Jul 13:09 Position 01-Jul-15 1437hrs 41:09.190N 9:32.620E 41:09.19N 9:32.62E
Wed 01 Jul 11:30 Photos 01-Jul-15 1230hrs 41:08.035N 9:32.138E 41:08.04N 9:32.14E
Wed 01 Jul 10:23 Position 01-Jul-15 1123hrs 41:06.654N 9:34.309E 41:06.65N 9:34.31E
Jun 2015
Tue 30 Jun 18:54 Photos 30-Jun-15 1954hrs 41:01.958N 9:32.978E 41:01.96N 9:32.98E
Tue 30 Jun 17:46 Position 30-Jun-15 1846hrs 40:59.383N 9:40.779E 40:59.38N 9:40.78E
Tue 30 Jun 17:20 Position 30-Jun-15 1820hrs 40:57.128N 9:37.247E 40:57.13N 9:37.25E
Mon 29 Jun 12:40 Photos 29-Jun-15 1211hrs
Sat 27 Jun 19:15 Position 27-Jun-15 2015hrs 40:55.013N 9:31.591E 40:55.01N 9:31.59E
Sat 27 Jun 18:24 Position 27-Jun-15 1924hrs 40:55.293N 9:34.682E 40:55.29N 9:34.68E
Sat 27 Jun 15:34 Position 27-Jun-15 1634hrs 40:59.603N 9:41.057E 40:59.60N 9:41.06E
Sat 27 Jun 14:15 Photos 27-Jun-15 1515hrs 41:15.495N 9:25.842E 41:15.49N 9:25.84E
Sat 27 Jun 12:26 Position 27-Jun-15 1326hrs 41:16.158N 9:22.788E 41:16.16N 9:22.79E
Sat 27 Jun 10:15 Photos 27-Jun-15 1115hrs
Mon 22 Jun 15:30 Position 22-Jun-15 1630hrs 41:23.349N 9:09.839E 41:23.35N 9:09.84E
Mon 22 Jun 14:30 Position 22-Jun-15 1530hrs 41:23.133N 09:08.677E 41:23.13N 9:08.68E
Mon 22 Jun 09:17 Photos 22-Jun-15 1017hrs 41:04.716N 8:24.883E 41:04.72N 8:24.88E
Sun 21 Jun 17:00 Photos 22-Jun-15 1800hrs 41:03.687N 8:17.496E 41:03.69N 8:17.50E
Sun 21 Jun 15:40 Position 21-Jun-15 1640hrs 40:58.772N 8:15.974E 40:58.77N 8:15.97E
Sun 21 Jun 15:00 Position 21-Jun-15 1600hrs 40:58.951N 8:12.553E 40:58.95N 8:12.55E
Sun 21 Jun 12:52 21-Jun-15 1352hrs 40:41.404N 8:07.854E 40:41.40N 8:07.85E
Sun 21 Jun 11:30 Photos 21-Jun-15 1230hrs 40:33.301N 08:08.473E 40:33.30N 8:08.47E
Sat 20 Jun 18:00 Photos 20-Jun-15 1900hrs 40:33.603N 8:18.795E 40:33.60N 8:18.80E
Sat 20 Jun 12:00 Photos 20-Jun-15 1300hrs 39:46.554N 8:21.595E 39:46.55N 8:21.59E
Sat 20 Jun 12:00 Position 20-Jun-15 1300hrs 39:46.554N 8:21.595E 39:46.55N 8:21.59E
Sat 20 Jun 10:37 Position 20-Jun-15 1137hrs 39:35.278N 8:21.305E 39:35.28N 8:21.30E
Sat 20 Jun 07:15 Position 20-Jun-15 0819hrs 39:14.981N 8:20.771E 39:14.98N 8:20.77E
Fri 19 Jun 17:15 Position 19-Jun-15 1815hrs 39:08.522N 08:18.543E 39:08.52N 8:18.54E
Fri 19 Jun 15:06 Position 19-Jun-15 1703hrs 39:04.621N 08:19.606E 39:04.62N 8:19.61E
Fri 19 Jun 13:36 position 19-Jun-15 1530hrs 38:57:543N 08:23.792E 38:57.54N 8:23.79E
Fri 19 Jun 11:54 Position 19-Jun-15 1254hrs 38:51.144N 8:39.053E 38:51.14N 8:39.05E
Fri 19 Jun 09:30 Photos 38:53.197N 8:43.023E 38:53.20N 8:43.02E
Thu 18 Jun 19:30 Position 38:55.551N 08:43.333E 38:55.55N 8:43.33E
Thu 18 Jun 18:35 Position 38:52.791N8:47.726E 38:52.79N 8:47.73E
Thu 18 Jun 16:45 Position 38:52.232N 8:51.910E 38:52.23N 8:51.91E
Thu 18 Jun 16:00 position 38:59.433n 09:03:007E 38:59.43N 9:03.01E
Wed 17 Jun 12:27 Photos Cagliar1
Tue 16 Jun 13:23 Photos Porto Villasimius
Mon 15 Jun 13:24 Photos Porto Giunco
Sat 13 Jun 14:00 Position 13-Jun-15 1500hrs 39:12.734N 9:06.739E 39:12.73N 9:06.74E
Sat 13 Jun 12:29 13 June Photos 38:30.49N 9:22.30E
Sat 13 Jun 11:00 13-Jun-15 Photos, 60kn out of Cagliari. 38:13.01N 9:29.84E
Fri 12 Jun 23:37 Position 13-Jun-15 0037hrs 37:32.114N 9:49.402E 37:32.11N 9:49.40E
Fri 12 Jun 21:17 12 June Photos Tunis
Fri 12 Jun 21:13 Photos Cathage
Fri 12 Jun 21:12 12 June Photo Tunis
Fri 12 Jun 21:08 11 June Photos Bizerte
Thu 11 Jun 06:00 Photos Bizerte Marina 37:16.46N 9:52.84E
Thu 11 Jun 04:45 11-Jun-15 0545hrs 37:22.317N 9:54.108E 37:22.32N 9:54.11E
Wed 10 Jun 19:15 Photos. 10-Jun-15 2015hrs 38:46.141N 9:51.528E 38:46.14N 9:51.53E
Wed 10 Jun 17:24 10-Jun-15 1824hrs 39:03.24N 9:52.167E 39:03.24N 9:52.17E
Wed 10 Jun 11:00 10-Jun-15 1200hrs 39:56.382N 9:51.416E 39:56.38N 9:51.42E
Tue 09 Jun 17:10 Pix 6pm, 09 June 2015 40:56.369N 9:45.437E 40:56.37N 9:45.44E
Tue 09 Jun 16:35 5pm, 09 June 2015 Depart Olbia for Tunisia 40:55.013N 9:31.591E 40:55.01N 9:31.59E
Sun 08 Jun 08:41 Off back to Aus. Westralia on hard stand at Olbia.
Sun 01 Jun 21:00 Gavoi and the Gusana restaurant
May 2014
Sat 31 May 17:00 Olbia 31 May
Fri 30 May 13:30 30-May-14 14:30hrs 40:55.013N 9:31.591E Berth in Marina Di Olbia 40:55.01N 9:31.59E
Fri 30 May 11:00 40:59.603N 9:41.057E 40:59.60N 9:41.06E
Fri 30 May 10:49 41:00.762N 9:40.220E 41:00.76N 9:40.22E
Fri 30 May 09:38 41:08.895N 9:35.084E Great sailing on downwing leg. +8knots with just the genoa out. 41:08.89N 9:35.08E
Thu 29 May 17:00 Porto Massimo 41:15.495N 9:25.855E 41:15.49N 9:25.86E
Thu 29 May 14:45 Cala Conticcio 41:13.011N 9:28.840E 41:13.01N 9:28.84E
Thu 29 May 09:52 Solenzara 41:32.08N 9:24.82E
Wed 28 May 11:38 Bastia 42:24.54N 9:32.92E
Tue 27 May 16:22 27-May-14 16:30hrs 42:41.695N 9:27.171E 42:41.70N 9:27.17E
Tue 27 May 13:34 27-May-14 14:34hrs 42:44.019N 09:39.534E 42:44.02N 9:39.53E
Tue 27 May 10:25 27-May-14 11:25hrs 42.48.364N 10:04.817E 42:48.36N 10:04.82E
Tue 27 May 09:28 10:30hrs 42:49.943N 10:15.817E 42:49.94N 10:15.82E
Sun 25 May 17:30 Portoferriao Elba 42:48.811N 10:19.717E 42:48.81N 10:19.72E
Sun 25 May 10:30 42:21.65N 10:55.22E 42:21.65N 10:55.22E
Sat 24 May 18:30 Cala Di Galera 42:24.15N 11:12.74E
Fri 23 May 07:22 Test sail
Thu 22 May 07:08 Twizzle
Wed 21 May 10:43 First sail 2014
Sun 18 May 20:32 Civitavecchia
Sat 17 May 18:28 check mail
Sep 2013
Wed 25 Sep 13:26 PIX 25 Sep
Wed 25 Sep 13:16 22-Sep-13 5:30pm 42:03.88N 11:48.48E Moored at Riva di Traiano marina, Civitavecchia. Booked into Sunbay hotel, dinner with Craig and Bernadine 42:03.88N 11:48.48E
Sun 22 Sep 19:44 22-Sep-13 2:20pm 41:54.437N 11:21.766E Motor. Wind dropped. Main up for stability 41:54.44N 11:21.77E
Sun 22 Sep 17:31 22-Sep-13 11:30am 41:44.063N 10:53.157E 41:44.06N 10:53.16E
Sun 22 Sep 17:31 PIX 22-Sep-13 10:35am 41.41.301N 10:45.590E Motor sail. Main and jib closed hauled. 41:41.30N 10:45.59E
Sun 22 Sep 17:30 22-Sep-13 8:55am 41:36.100N 10:31.504E Motor sail. Genoa in as wind is right on the nose. Main up to keep stability. 41:36.10N 10:31.50E
Sun 22 Sep 17:30 22-Sep-13 6:15am 41:26.396N 10:05.501E Motor sail, SOG 8.9kn in 9kn true. 41:26.40N 10:05.50E
Sun 22 Sep 17:30 22-Sep-13 4:20am 41:18.862N 9:45.523E Motor sail 41:18.86N 9:45.52E
Sun 22 Sep 17:30 22-Sep-13 Weighed anchor from Cala Coticcio at 2:30am under clear skies, full moon. Under way on one tack for 120nm to Cittivechia. Light WNW winds, m 41:13.01N 9:36.79E
Sun 22 Sep 17:30 21-Sep-13 10:45am 41:13.043N 9:29.052E 41:13.04N 9:29.05E
Sat 21 Sep 17:53 PIX 20-Sep-13 2:30pm 41:15.48N 9:25.798E 41:15.48N 9:25.80E
Fri 20 Sep 15:29 20-Sep-13 12:22pm 41:28.431N 9:21.933E Had good reaching winds of 12kns at start of leg south. Plus SOG of 8kn under sail. Now winds have dropped, SOG 41:28.43N 9:21.93E
Fri 20 Sep 15:29 20-Sep-13 9:45am Depart Porto Vecchio Corsica for Maddelena Island, Sardinia.
Fri 20 Sep 15:29 PIX 19-Sep-13 1:30pm 41:35.392N 9:17.08E 41:35.39N 9:17.08E
Thu 19 Sep 11:20 PIX 18-Sep-13 6:30pm 41:37.887N 9:21.142E Anchored at San Ciprianu. 41:37.89N 9:21.14E
Thu 19 Sep 11:00 18-Sep-13 5:12pm 41:43.886N 9:25.402E Winds dropped, sails down. 41:43.89N 9:25.40E
Thu 19 Sep 10:58 18-Sep-13 2:32pm 42:06.767N 9:34.345E Winds strengthened, motor sail initially with jib and main then genoa after WP course change. SOG +9Kn. 42:06.77N 9:34.34E
Thu 19 Sep 10:58 18-Sep-13 11:55am 42:27.499N 9:33.705E Light winds, under motor, main up for stability 42:27.50N 9:33.70E
Thu 19 Sep 10:57 PIX 18-Sep-13 9:45am
Sun 15 Sep 05:30 PIX 14-Sep-13 4:08pm 42:41.754N 9:27.080E 42:41.75N 9:27.08E
Sat 14 Sep 12:26 PIX 14-Sep-13 1:00pm 42:42.668N 9:46.064E 42:42.67N 9:46.06E
Sat 14 Sep 10:10 PIX 14-Sep-13 11:10am 42:43.128N 10:02.843E 42:43.13N 10:02.84E
Sat 14 Sep 09:31 PIX 13-Sep-13
Thu 12 Sep 15:30 12-Sep-13 4:30pm 42:44.269N 10:14.250E Anchored near Marina di Campo, as could not get berth at marina. Good protection from NW winds, very little swe 42:44.27N 10:14.25E
Thu 12 Sep 13:32 12-Sep-13 2:32pm 42:42.960N 10:21.384E Cut engine, set main and jib as wind strengthend and swung to a close haul. SOG 7.1kn. 42:42.96N 10:21.38E
Thu 12 Sep 13:05 12-Sep-13 2:05pm 42:42.278N 10:24.918E Furl sails, start motor as wind dropped as we approached SE tip of Elba and altered course to Marina di Campo 42:42.28N 10:24.92E
Thu 12 Sep 11:00 PIX 12-Sep-13 12:00pm 42:47.288N 10:39.806E 42:47.29N 10:39.81E
Thu 12 Sep 07:27 10-Sep-13 8:00pm 42:48.417N 10:44.1E Berthed at Punta Ala 42:48.42N 10:44.10E
Thu 12 Sep 07:26 10-Sep-13 6:40pm 42:45.149N 010:48.943E Motor. Change marina location to Punta Ala as Marina Di Grosseto could not take 2.4m draft. 42:45.15N 10:48.94E
Thu 12 Sep 07:25 10-Sep-13 12:10pm 42:44.947N 009:47.149E Change course to Grosseto. Motor sail to maintain good speed to get to Grosseto marina by 1800hrs. 42:44.95N 9:47.15E
Thu 12 Sep 06:56 PIX 10-Sep-13 10:39am 42:42.709N 009:33.429E Depart Bastia 42:42.71N 9:33.43E
Thu 12 Sep 06:49 PIX 09-Sep-13 5:15pm 42.41.083N 9:27.083E 42:41.08N 9:27.08E
Thu 12 Sep 06:35 09-Sep-13 1:50pm 42:40.110N 9:54.521E Motor sail, main up to keep boat stable. 42:40.11N 9:54.52E
Thu 12 Sep 06:34 09-Sep-13 10:20am 42:42.174N 10:24.942E Depart Porto Azzura 9:30am. Under sail. Hoping for more consistent winds once out of influence of Isola d'Elba 42:42.17N 10:24.94E
Thu 12 Sep 06:33 08-Sep-13 4:46pm 42:45.805N 10:23.909E Berth at Porto Azzura 42:45.80N 10:23.91E
Sun 08 Sep 12:30 PIX 08-Sep-13 1:30pm 42:52.355N 10:27.410E Departed Portoferraio, tacking around NE end of Elba. 42:52.35N 10:27.41E
Fri 06 Sep 12:15 PIX 06-Sep-13
Fri 06 Sep 11:27 03-Sep-13 3:15pm 42:50.333N 10:18.970E Under motor all way due to light winds at 180 deg to boat. Approching Portoferraio, Isola Elba 42:50.33N 10:18.97E
Fri 06 Sep 11:27 PIX 03-Sep-13 12:30pm Tuscan Islands
Fri 06 Sep 11:23 02-Sep-13 3:30pm 43:03.018N 9:50.347E Anchored at Porto Capraia. Notched exactly 3000nm on the log. 43:03.02N 9:50.35E
Fri 06 Sep 11:22 02-Sep-13 2:04pm 43:11.337N 009:57.646E Under motor, main up. Approaching Capraia Island 43:11.34N 9:57.65E
Fri 06 Sep 11:15 02-Sep-13 12:55pm 43:18.930N 10:04.036E Under motor. Main up to reduce roll. 43:18.93N 10:04.04E
Fri 06 Sep 11:14 02-Sep-13 11:06am 43:30.844N 10:14.119E Commenced under sail, wind dropped so started motor 43:30.84N 10:14.12E
Fri 06 Sep 11:14 PIX 02-Sep-13 10am
Fri 06 Sep 11:10 31-Aug-13 6:30pm 43:32.852N 10:17.880E Berthed at Porto Mediceo, Livorno. Had dinner at restaurant near Via Grande Piazza. 43:32.85N 10:17.88E
Fri 06 Sep 11:08 31-Aug-13 3:30pm 43:39.636N 10:12.054E Motor sail downwind 43:39.64N 10:12.05E
Fri 06 Sep 11:08 31-Aug-13 12:39pm 43:58.514N 9:55.956E 43:58.51N 9:55.96E
Fri 06 Sep 11:08 PIX 30-Aug-13 Bill departs, John and Julie arrive
Tue 03 Sep 15:05 29-Aug-13 7:30pm 44:05.881N 009:51.602E Berthed at La Spezia. Had dinner with Bill and then hit the sack. 44:05.88N 9:51.60E
Aug 2013
Thu 29 Aug 18:30 29-Aug-13 7:30pm Berthed at La Spezia. Had dinner with Bill and then hit the sack.
Thu 29 Aug 15:30 PIX 29-Aug-13 4:30pm 44:05.881N 009:51.602E 44:05.88N 9:51.60E
Wed 28 Aug 21:30 28-Aug-13 8:30pm 44:08.509N 9:39.122E Moored at Monterosso Al Mare. Concerned at very light mooring line. Set anchor drift alarm. 44:08.51N 9:39.12E
Wed 28 Aug 17:17 28-Aug-13 6:17pm 43:57.983N 9:50.62E Wind dropped. Under motor. Kept main up to reduce roll. 43:57.98N 9:50.62E
Wed 28 Aug 15:15 28-Aug-13 4:15pm 43:44.317N 10:05.06E Great motor sail up the Ligurian coast, averaging over 9kn. Have to make good speed to get to Monterosso Al Mare 43:44.32N 10:05.06E
Wed 28 Aug 13:30 28-Aug-13 2:30pm Depart Porto Mediceo for Monterosso Al Mare
Tue 27 Aug 18:04 Pix and Pisa
Mon 26 Aug 17:04 26-Aug-13 4:30pm 43:41.482N 10:10.518E Motor sail, 9.5Kn 43:41.48N 10:10.52E
Mon 26 Aug 12:30 PIX 26-Aug-13 1:30pm 44:05.881N 009:51.602 Alex departs
Sun 25 Aug 17:03 PIX 25-Aug-13
Sun 25 Aug 17:00 25-Aug-13 6:00pm 44:05.881N 009:51.602E Berthed Porto Lotti, La Spezia. Good motor sail tacking up wind from Portofino. 44:05.88N 9:51.60E
Sat 24 Aug 17:30 PIX 24-Aug-13 6:30pm 44:18.298 N009:12.735E
Fri 23 Aug 16:59 PIX Genoa 23-Aug-13
Thu 22 Aug 18:00 PIX 22-Aug-13 7:00pm 44:24.566N 008:55.555E 44:24.57N 8:55.55E
Thu 22 Aug 15:32 22-Aug-13 4:22pm 44:14.661N 8:38.562E 44:14.66N 8:38.56E
Thu 22 Aug 12:30 22-Aug-13 1:30Pm Depart for Genova
Wed 21 Aug 18:00 PIX 21-Aug-13 7:00pm 44:01.077N 008:11.648E 44:01.08N 8:11.65E
Wed 21 Aug 11:45 21-Aug-13 12.45pm 43:42.017N 007:22.883E Motor sail past Nice and approaching Monaco. 43:42.02N 7:22.88E
Tue 20 Aug 19:00 PIX 20-Aug-13 8:00pm 43.31.542N 007:02.474E 43:31.54N 7:02.47E
Tue 20 Aug 17:22 20-Aug-13 6:22pm 43:27.776N 006:56.818E Under motor due to down winds dropping 43:27.78N 6:56.82E
Tue 20 Aug 12:45 20-Aug-13 1:45pm 43:04.582 N 006:23.595E Motor sail towards Cannes 43:04.58N 6:23.59E
Tue 20 Aug 08:59 19-Aug-13 6:08pm 43.03.638N 006:09.350E 43:03.64N 6:09.35E
Tue 20 Aug 08:58 19-Aug-13 3:33pm 43:01.816N 005:51.695E 43:01.82N 5:51.70E
Tue 20 Aug 08:58 PIX 19-Aug-13 2:30pm 43:06.100N 005:43.50E 43:06.10N 5:43.50E
Tue 20 Aug 08:58 PIX 19-Aug-13 1:00PM 43:10.35N 005:36.68E Departed La Ciotat 43:10.35N 5:36.68E
Sun 18 Aug 14:00 18-Aug-13 3:00pm 43:10.35N 005:36.68E Departed Cassis and motored around to La Ciotat and berthed in Port Vieux at 4:30pm. 43:10.35N 5:36.68E
Sun 18 Aug 09:35 Pix 10:30am 18-Aug-13 43:12.8N 005:32.1E 43:12.80N 5:32.10E
Sat 17 Aug 17:53 17-Aug-13 8:00am 43:12.6N 5:26.9E Prepare to depart Marseilles 43:12.60N 5:26.90E
Sat 17 Aug 17:29 Update and Pix - Marseilles
Tue 13 Aug 08:43 13-Aug-13 8:30am Pix. Tony Palmer, Roger Gee and Matt departed boat for trip back to Aus via London.
Tue 13 Aug 08:34 12-Aug-13 6:00pm 43:17.716N 005:22.204E Berthed at Marseilles. Very crowded but spectacular marina. Capitana very helpful locating and assisting in be 43:17.72N 5:22.20E
Tue 13 Aug 08:27 12-Aug-13 4:00pm 43:17.89N 005:10.60E Under motor 43:17.89N 5:10.60E
Tue 13 Aug 08:27 12-Aug-13 11:06am 43:20.69N 004:17.86E Under motor, genoa out SOG 8kn. 43:20.69N 4:17.86E
Tue 13 Aug 08:27 12-Aug-13 7:45am 43:24.077N 003:42.009E Depart Sete for Marseilles. Very light winds, under motor. 43:24.08N 3:42.01E
Tue 13 Aug 08:27 Pix. Berthed at Sete on commercial landing. No berth available at marina. 43:24.08N 3:42.01E
Tue 13 Aug 08:26 11-Aug-13 4:34pm 43:20.457N 003:40.463E Under motor. 43:20.46N 3:40.46E
Tue 13 Aug 08:26 Pix. Great sailing conditions. 42:51.93N 3:14.89E
Tue 13 Aug 08:25 11-Aug-13 10:00am 42:37.239N 003:2.029E Depart St-Cypriene Plage for Sete. 42:37.24N 3:02.03E
Sat 10 Aug 08:42 Departed Port Vendres for Setes but struck strong Tramontana winds. Pix attached. 42:37.24N 3:02.03E
Sat 10 Aug 08:24 09-Aug-13 10.00am 42:31.085N 003:06.421E Departed Port Verdes for Sete 42:31.09N 3:06.42E
Wed 07 Aug 20:33 07-Aug-13 6:07pm 42:31.085N 003:06.421E Berthed at Port Verdes, France 42:31.09N 3:06.42E
Wed 07 Aug 20:33 07-Aug-13 3:52pm 42:22.024N 003:17.103E 42:22.02N 3:17.10E
Wed 07 Aug 20:33 07-Aug-13 10:13am 41:47.32N 003:04.510E 41:47.32N 3:04.51E
Wed 07 Aug 20:33 07-Aug-13 8:00am 41:40.25N 002:47.8E Depart Blanes for Port Verde, France. Very swelly anchorage, uncomfortable night. 41:40.25N 2:47.80E
Wed 07 Aug 20:33 06-Aug-13 7:45pm 41:40.25N 002:47.8E Anchor at Blanes 41:40.25N 2:47.80E
Wed 07 Aug 20:33 06-Aug-13 6:46pm 41:35.097N 002:39.520E 41:35.10N 2:39.52E
Tue 06 Aug 21:33 Depart Barcelona. Pix 41:22.68N 2:11.20E
Tue 06 Aug 17:07 Pix from Puerto Soller and Barcenlona 41:22.68N 2:11.20E
Tue 06 Aug 16:56 03-Aug-13 16.30pm 41:15.590N 002:13.158E 41:15.59N 2:13.16E
Mon 05 Aug 08:05 03-Aug-13 6:30am 39:55.970N 002.38.596E 39:55.97N 2:38.60E
Mon 05 Aug 08:05 03-Aug-13 5:30am 39:46.657N 002:41.391EDepart Puerto Soller, Mallorca for Barcenlona. 39:46.66N 2:41.39E
Fri 02 Aug 19:31 01-Aug-13 5:00PM 39:46.657N 002:41.391E Anchored at Puerto Soller 39:46.66N 2:41.39E
Fri 02 Aug 19:31 01-Aug-13 1:26PM 39:57.100N 003:07.579E Recent pix. 39:57.10N 3:07.58E
Fri 02 Aug 19:30 01-Aug-13 12:00pm 39:57.2N 03:10.7E Depart Cala Engossaubas for Puerto Soller 39:57.20N 3:10.70E
Fri 02 Aug 19:30 31-Jul-13 8:00pm 39:57.2N 03:10.7E Anchored at Cala Engossaubas, Mallorca. Beautiful undeveloped anchorage. 39:57.20N 3:10.70E
Fri 02 Aug 19:30 31-Jul-13 12.00pm 39:52.1N 04:18.6E Depart Mahon for NE Mallorca after replacing bowthruster props late on 30th Jul. 39:52.10N 4:18.60E
Fri 02 Aug 19:30 31-Jul-13 17:56PM 39:53.398N 003:30.302E From Mahon initially good run in winds up to 20kn, winds dropped so motor sail. Appeared to have mailsail in 39:53.40N 3:30.30E
Fri 02 Aug 19:30 31-Jul-13 17:56PM 39:53.398N 003:30.302E Initially good run in winds up to 20kn, winds dropped so motor sail. Appeared to have in mast furling motor f 39:53.40N 3:30.30E
Fri 02 Aug 19:30 31-Jul-13 12.00pm 39:52.1N 04:18.6E Depart Mahon for NE Mallorca after replacing bowthruster props late on 30th Jul. 39:52.10N 4:18.60E
Jul 2013
Mon 29 Jul 12:35 Update Menorca 39:52.1N 04:18.6E 39:52.10N 4:18.60E
Wed 24 Jul 07:55 23-Jul-13 6:00PM 39:22.124N 003:13.617 Updated pix attached covering Southern Spain
Tue 23 Jul 15:31 22-Jul-13 6:48PM 39:21.5N 003:13.00E 39:21.50N 3:13.00E
Tue 23 Jul 15:31 22-Jul-13 3:39PM 39:19.650N 002:56.835E 39:19.65N 2:56.84E
Tue 23 Jul 15:31 22-Jul-13 2:10pm 39:22.628N 002:45.375E 39:22.63N 2:45.38E
Mon 22 Jul 13:36 22-Jul-13 2:10pm 39:22.628N 002:45.375E 39:22.63N 2:45.38E
Mon 22 Jul 09:54 Hels arrives in Majorca 39:30.09N 2:44.83E
Sat 20 Jul 15:43 20-Jul-13 4:43pm 39:44.156N 002:31.273E 39:44.16N 2:31.27E
Sat 20 Jul 14:00 20-Jul-13 3.00pm 39:47.665N 002:41.397E 39:47.66N 2:41.40E
Sat 20 Jul 06:30 20-Jul-13 7:30pm 39:32.045N 002:24.527E 39:32.05N 2:24.53E
Fri 19 Jul 17:50 19-Jul-13 6:50pm 39:47.665N 002:41.397E 39:47.66N 2:41.40E
Fri 19 Jul 15:54 19-Jul-13 4:54pm 39:38.462N 002:23.981E 39:38.46N 2:23.98E
Fri 19 Jul 12:25 19-Jul-13 1:25pm 39:28.440N 002:33.111E 39:28.44N 2:33.11E
Fri 19 Jul 12:25 19-Jul-13 1:25pm 39:29.117N 002:33.922E 39:29.12N 2:33.92E
Wed 17 Jul 15:06 17-Jul-13 4:06pm 39:29.117N 002:33.922E 39:29.12N 2:33.92E
Wed 17 Jul 13:25 17-Jul-13 2:25PM 39:32.045N 002:24.527E 39:32.05N 2:24.53E
Tue 16 Jul 21:00 16-Jul-13 10.00PM 39:32.045N 002:24.527E Anchored at Cala Blanca, Majorca 39:32.05N 2:24.53E
Tue 16 Jul 17:27 16-Jul-13 7:17pm 39:24.048N 002:05.015E 39:24.05N 2:05.01E
Tue 16 Jul 14:13 16-Jul-13 4:10PM 39:02.749N 001:42.173E 39:02.75N 1:42.17E
Tue 16 Jul 10:20 15-Jul-13 5:35pm 38:46.000N 001:06.112E 38:46.00N 1:06.11E
Tue 16 Jul 10:20 15-Jul-13 2:52pm 38:42.142N 000:36.976E 38:42.14N 0:36.98E
Mon 15 Jul 08:11 Arrived Puerto de Calpe 38:38.23N 0:04.25E
Sun 14 Jul 16:15 14-Jul-13 6:14pm 38:33.113N 000:01.822W 38:33.11N 0:01.82W
Sun 14 Jul 15:44 After Gibraltar
Sun 14 Jul 15:20 14-Jul-13 5:18pm 38:28.518N 000:09.111W 38:28.52N 0:09.11W
Sun 14 Jul 15:08 14-Jul-13 4:08pm 38:23.531N 000:19.031W 38:23.53N 0:19.03W
Sun 14 Jul 13:30 14-Jul-13 2:30pm 38:19.51N 0.29.413W 38:19.51N 0:29.41W
Fri 12 Jul 22:00 12-Jul-13 11.00pm 38:19.51N 0.29.413W 38:19.51N 0:29.41W
Fri 12 Jul 18:50 12-Jul-13 7:50pm 37:56.937N 0:33.365W 37:56.94N 0:33.37W
Fri 12 Jul 17:30 12-Jul-13 6:30pm 37:45.074N 0:35.796W 37:45.07N 0:35.80W
Fri 12 Jul 16:21 12-Jul-13 5:21pm 37:35.147N 0:39.215W 37:35.15N 0:39.22W
Fri 12 Jul 15:30 12-Jul-13 4:30pm 37:30.277N 0:47.121W 37:30.28N 0:47.12W
Fri 12 Jul 13:00 12-Jul-13 2:00pm 37:17.628N 1:09.307W 37:17.63N 1:09.31W
Fri 12 Jul 12:05 12-Jul-13 1:05pm 37:13.077N 1:17.172W 37:13.08N 1:17.17W
Fri 12 Jul 11:01 12-Jul-13 12.01pm 37:07.301N 1:26.250W 37:07.30N 1:26.25W
Fri 12 Jul 10:12 12-Jul-13 11.12am 37:03.397N 1:33.634W 37:03.40N 1:33.63W
Fri 12 Jul 07:42 12-Jul-13 8:42am 36:50.544N 1:55.813W 36:50.54N 1:55.81W
Fri 12 Jul 06:30 12-Jul-13 7:30am 36:44.962N 2:05.4W 36:44.96N 2:05.40W
Thu 11 Jul 19:30 11-Jul-13 8:30pm 36:44.962N 2:05.4W 36:44.96N 2:05.40W
Thu 11 Jul 18:06 11-Jul-13 7:06pm 36:41.65N 2:12.265W 36:41.65N 2:12.27W
Thu 11 Jul 17:00 11-Jul-13 6:00pm 36:41.20N 2:20.36W 36:41.20N 2:20.36W
Thu 11 Jul 15:30 11-Jul-13 4:30pm 36:40.24N 2:40.3W 36:40.24N 2:40.30W
Thu 11 Jul 14:15 11-Jul-13 3:15PM 36:41.65N 2:57.81W 36:41.65N 2:57.81W
Wed 10 Jul 19:00 10-Jul-13 8:00pm 36:41.65N 2:57.81W 36:41.65N 2:57.81W
Wed 10 Jul 18:00 10-Jul-13 7:00pm 36:40.41N 2:57.81W 36:40.41N 2:57.81W
Wed 10 Jul 17:00 10-Jul-13 6:00pm 36:40.68N 3:09.03W 36:40.68N 3:09.03W
Wed 10 Jul 16:00 10-Jul-13 5:00pm 36:40.79N 3:20.302W 36:40.79N 3:20.30W
Wed 10 Jul 15:06 10-Jul-13 4:06pm 36:41.03N 3:41.89W 36:41.03N 3:41.89W
Wed 10 Jul 14:15 10-Jul-13 3:15pm 36:45.00N 3:51.80W 36:45.00N 3:51.80W
Tue 09 Jul 15:31 09-Jul-13 4:30pm 36:45.00N 3:51.80W 36:45.00N 3:51.80W
Tue 09 Jul 13:00 09-Jul-13 2.00pm 36:34.35N 4:15.50W 36:34.35N 4:15.50W
Tue 09 Jul 11:35 36:28.69N 4:30.46W 36:28.69N 4:30.46W
Tue 09 Jul 10:38 36:24.66N 4:39.23W 36:24.66N 4:39.23W
Tue 09 Jul 09:36 36:20.39N 4:49.98W 36:20.39N 4:49.98W
Tue 09 Jul 06:00 (no subject) 36:09.50N 5:22.20W
Jun 2013
Sun 30 Jun 22:59 Alcaidesa Marina, La Linea Spain 36:09.40N 5:21.51W
Sun 30 Jun 22:00 36:03.660N 5:24.11W 36:03.66N 5:24.11W
Sun 30 Jun 21:30 36:00.084N 5:35.01W 36:00.08N 5:35.01W
Sun 30 Jun 21:00 35:58.677N 5:37.485W 35:58.68N 5:37.48W
Sun 30 Jun 20:30 36:01.633N 5:39.655W 36:01.63N 5:39.66W
Sun 30 Jun 20:00 35:58.649N 5:44.857W
Sun 30 Jun 18:45 36.00.58N 5:40.934W 36:00.58N 5:40.93W
Sun 30 Jun 15:25 36:07.69N 5:54.48W 36:07.69N 5:54.48W
Sun 30 Jun 15:15 36:07.68N 5:55.57W 36:07.68N 5:55.57W
Sun 30 Jun 14:10 36:09.54N 6:00.25W 36:09.54N 6:00.25W
Sun 30 Jun 13:10 36:08.95N 6:5.71W 36:08.95N 6:05.71W
Sun 30 Jun 12:30 36.15.00n 6:25.00W 36:15.00N 6:25.00W
Sun 30 Jun 08:30 36:32.00n 6:30.00W 36:32.00N 6:30.00W
Sat 29 Jun 22:59 36:34.05N 6:15.9W 36:34.05N 6:15.90W
Sat 29 Jun 14:10 36:32.97N 7:30.162W 36:32.97N 7:30.16W
Sat 29 Jun 09:20 36:44.2N 7:53.62W 36:44.20N 7:53.62W
Sat 29 Jun 06:00 36:52.42N 8:19.587W 36:52.42N 8:19.59W
Sat 29 Jun 04:00 Location: 36:54.74N 8:38.56W 36:54.74N 8:38.56W
Sat 29 Jun 03:35 36:55.328N 8:42.894W 36:55.33N 8:42.89W
Sat 29 Jun 02:15 Location 36:56.5N 9:2.0W 36:56.50N 9:02.00W
Fri 28 Jun 23:15 Location: 37:15.08N 9:9.86W 37:15.08N 9:09.86W
Fri 28 Jun 17:10 38:5.248N 9:24.7w 38:05.25N 9:24.70W
Fri 28 Jun 13:02 R&R after the heavy work of the previous couple of days 38:40.93N 9:35.08W
Fri 28 Jun 10:55 38:51.7n 9:37.4w 38:51.70N 9:37.40W
Thu 27 Jun 08:00 Orange sun rises on a clear day over turbulent seas (Correction date is 27/6) 42:13.00N 9:36.41W
Thu 27 Jun 03:00 Completed Bay of Biscay crossing. 42:13.00N 9:36.41W
Wed 26 Jun 19:00 50 knot winds 43:27.59N 9:23.40W
Wed 26 Jun 15:00 winds strengthen 44:12.68N 8:57.42W
Wed 26 Jun 07:30 Engine off! 45:04.02N 8:22.26W
Tue 25 Jun 20:16 Volvo D3 being run in beautifully 46:24.31N 7:07.85W
Tue 25 Jun 10:34 the coffee machine is working hard 47:30.76N 6:05.99W
Tue 25 Jun 08:42 Bay of Biscay is mill pond. Under motor. 47:43.81N 5:53.83W
Mon 24 Jun 23:43 Location 48:37.69N 4:59.46W 48:37.69N 4:59.46W
Sun 23 Jun 20:57 Guernsey
Fri 21 Jun 13:30 Cruising across the channel in the English summer?!! 49:27.40N 2:31.94W
Thu 20 Jun 23:26 Ready to roll 50:53.73N 1:23.55W
Mon 17 Jun 17:04 Progress continues
Fri 14 Jun 06:55 Emailing: SAM_0073, SAM_0052, SAM_0053, SAM_0054, SAM_0055, SAM_0056, SAM_0057, SAM_0058, SAM_0059, SAM_0060, SAM_0065, SAM_0068, SAM_0069, SAM_0070,
Wed 12 Jun 22:12 Westralia in Ocean Village marina, Southampton
Mon 10 Jun 16:51 Stepping the mast
Wed 05 Jun 17:27 Boat at Southampton