Lakka 05-Jul-19 1215hrs 39:14.384N 20:08.114E

Steve Coughlan
Fri 5 Jul 2019 12:15

05-Jul-19            1000hrs

Depart Agrapidia

05-Jul-19            1215hrs

Anchored at Lakka. Went ashore for lunch. When we returned a motor yacht anchored nearby and tied off stern to shore. I was not too happy about given the proximity and our swing meant we would get close if the wind direction changed. Sure enough the wind changed and picked up in strength to around 15knts. When we swung on the anchor towards the MY the skipper decided to move off, firstly untying the landline from his stern and then weighing his anchor. The female crew took the Williams dinghy to release the landline from the rocks ashore. By this time the swell had increased making the task dangerous. She anchored the dinghy close to the rocks. Into the water she attempted to retrieve the landline but ultimately the swell was too great, dragging the dinghy anchor resulting the dinghy running aground on the rocks, deflating one pontoon. She was in serious trouble by this stage, with the skipper unable to assist, the dinghy no longer available to him. We observed and then I took our dinghy over and threw her a tow line advising her to abandon any attempt to retrieve it. It had now tangled itself amongst the rocks. I managed to tow the Williams off the rocks with her aboard and then ultimately back to the MY, as the Williams had no steerage having been battered on the rocks. Not a good day for her or the skipper. After the MY left, Tom and I headed off in the dinghy where I went ashore and made my way along the rocks to attempt the recover the landline. Too difficult given the swell, so I made fast what line I could gather to avoid any further entanglement, planning to make another attempt in the morning assuming conditions improved. We went ashore for dinner at an excellent garden restaurant.



Boarding the dinghy. Later in the afternoon wind strengthend causing all sorts of havoc for the crew of a motor yacht anchore near Westralia


View for head of the bay at Lakka


Many good restaurants