Pix 22 Jul

Steve Coughlan
Sun 22 Jul 2018 17:00

21 July

1245hrs: Murray and I replaced PT top dinghy line guide pullet bolts with longer bolts.  We had a swim and departed Luka Polace


1830hrs: Anchored at Cavtat. Could not get a berth against the seawall as all the big boy motor yachts were in port.


22 July

Weighed anchor and motored over to Cavtat seawall. Circled for about an hour as various super yachts moved out and in  untangling crossed anchors before we finally tied up. Fi and Muzz took commuter ferry to Dubrovnik walled city. I stayed back to attend to washing etc. Managed to either loose or have my wallet picked pocketed after going to supermarket. Cancelled cards and dealt with the WTF stress associated with such an event!



The dance of the superyachts at Cavat, as they manoeuvre to untangle crossed anchor chains.

We circled for about an hour before we could berth as they went through the dance moves.





Finally on the wall act Cavata



The walled city of Dubrovnik