Pix 28-May-18 depart Porto Montenegro 1200hrs 42:26.174N 18:41.463E

Steve Coughlan
Mon 28 May 2018 11:00

28 May               Finally received the bowsprit back from being repainted. Poor job, no clear coat. Apparently Marijan had not got it to the provider early enough to have it done properly. We cleared the marina at 11am and made our way around to the customs jetty to have our passports stamped to depart Montenegro. Motored away from the customs jetty at midday.



Berthed at Porto Montenegro after motoring around from boat yard



Matt has been a good hand assisting John and me, setting up the boat



Installing sails



John up the stays to release the top swivel on the Genoa stay. It is jammed on foil joint.

Give damage to all foils and joints as a result of Avel’s poor procedure installing the Genoa stay,

we will not be able to use the Genoa. John and I have made enquires to get the damage foils

replaced asap.