Voukari 11-Jun-19 1430hrs 39:27.264N 20:00:395E

Steve Coughlan
Tue 11 Jun 2019 14:30


Organised hire car at the rental group in the marina first up. Then drove Zimi to the airport at 0930hrs for his flight out at 11:15. Great to have Zimi on board. He picked up the routine quickly and his ability to communicate both with his language skills and understanding of the Albanian culture was immeasurably valuable. A lot of memorable experiences and fun. Helen, Tony and I took off to check out the local area, driving inland from Corfu town, ending up at Jimmy's restaurant, Pelekas.

11-Jun-19           1230hrs

Departed the marina at 1230hrs. A lot of running around to have the transit log signed by the Border authority. Fuelled the car and returned it to the rental and organised a booking for a car when I return in August.

11-Jun-19           1430hrs

Anchored in bay off Voukari. Went for a swim off the back of the boat, water was the perfect temperature. We took the dinghy ashore to a local fishing village restaurant. Itinerant musicians worked the restaurant strip.



Zimi’s empathy and understanding of the Albanians mean’t he was hero to them all.



Jimmy’s restaurant, Pelekas.


Heading down to Voukari from Corfu town