20 May 17:00 Gaios, Paxos 39:11.854N 20:11.447E

Steve Coughlan
Mon 20 May 2024 17:30

13:00    Departed Preveza for Antipaxos

17:30    At anchor off Paxos, a short run from Antipaxos. Minor breeze all the way so under motor for entire leg from Preveza. In for a swim in fairly chilled water, not that long since winter so it has some way to go to heat up. Then an Aperol Spritz before taking the dinghy into Gaios, Paxos. We cruised around in the dinghy checking out the attractive quay side town of Gaios before stopping off and having dinner at the Blue Grotto restaurant.


A person in a swimsuit on a boat

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Water is still quite cool coming into spring.

A boat on the water

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At anchor off Gaios, Paxos

A person holding glasses of orange liquid

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Aperol Spritz

A person sitting on a boat holding a drink

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A person sitting on a boat

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Tender into shore

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