Photos #1, 22 Jun 2018

Steve Coughlan
Fri 22 Jun 2018 11:56

A Bora apparently came in after midnight. Not much wind, a good fall of rain for several hours giving the boat a thorough rinse. We made our way in rain and wind conditions to meet with Andre Proven at Vrhnika, near Ljubljana. After saying our goodbyes to Lea (who dropped Andre off), Andre acted as our guide as we toured firstly lake Bled and then the magnificent alpine regions of Slovenia. We finally left Andre to catch a train back to his home and then we drove via Italy, near Trieste, to Piran where we had a late dinner. Then back to Westralia at Portoroza. Andre was amazingly generous with his time and, despite much protest, would not let us pay for lunch.




Verdant green surrounding picturesque Lake Bled











The East Julian alps. Mt Prisank, 2547m, with the giant cyclops eye.






Tom Kleinsorge, Matt, Andre Proven, Julie Gavrilovic, Mick Gavrilovic, Max Kleinsorge, Steve.

Construction of the Kranjski road pass across the alps commenced in 1909. During the 1st world war, 10,000 Russion POWs were engaged in the construction. Some 300 Russians and several Austrian guards were buried in in major avalanches in the spring of 2016 (source: signage at a Prisank vieing area).