Sarande 30-Jun-19 1300hrs 39:52.324N 20:00.567E

Steve Coughlan
Sun 30 Jun 2019 13:00


Joe took Pon in the dinghy around 0630 hrs and then dropped her off at the airport. Good to have Pon on board, always enthusiastic and an excellent cook. Tom and Mex arrived at the marina late morning. Organised the luggage and motored back to Westralia where they settled in. Later in the day we headed into the marina to get supplies etc. Joe and I went to the Old London pub and watched the Aussies bury New Zealand in the ODI world cup. 30-Jun-19              0930hrs

Motored over to near the Capitainere and customs area and dropped anchor. I took the dinghy in and dealt with the Port police, passport control and customs to clear Greece as we were heading over to Albania.

30-Jun-19           1130hrs

Depart Corfu for Albania

30-Jun-19           1300hrs

Anchored in Sarande, Albania. Initially berthed alongside at the ferry terminal where Geri collected our passports . That evening we organised a taxi to have dinner at the Lekuresi Castle restaurant. Spectacular views, excellent food and service along with Albanian folk troupe and good live music.



Pon departed morning of Jul 29. Great to have her aboard, always helpful and good fun


At anchor off Sarande

Sarande town

Party boat


Spectacular restaurant setting at Lekuresi Castle looking back to Corfu

Table settings



Max and Tom

Joe in the middle

View down to Westalia at anchor  in bay, Sarande


Sarande at night from the castle