Pix Sep 5

Steve Coughlan
Mon 5 Sep 2016 19:07

Caught up with Helen and Tony for breakfast then departed for Dubrovnik airport at 11am to make my way back to Perth. Thank you to all crew who made their time available to join me on the sailing adventure this year, including of course Jude. Hopefully Jude will find a way to spend more time with me in the future sharing my passion . We sailed nearly 2,000 nautical miles visiting many memorable locations in Italy, Sicily, Malta, Albania and Montenegro. The different cultures, languages, sights, sounds, colours and flavours invigorated the senses. Most crew left healthier that when they started - physically and mentally. No major incidents, injuries or breakdowns of any significance. Everyone quickly settled into the routine and without exception got along very well.



Andrew and Markl






Jack and Catherine










Fi and Muzz






Helen and Tony