Pix 17-Jul-17 2100hrs 42:41.809N 17:44.269E

Steve Coughlan
Mon 17 Jul 2017 20:00

Anchored at Luka Saplunara. Exciting end to the day's sail, we took the poles down around  1900 hrs as the wind swung around to the north to a broad reach. Shortly after that we hooked a tuna so we had to de power the boat, furl the sails and pull in the tuna. Thereafter bled it in the ocean and after motoring in and organising the boat at anchor, Francesco prepared a cubed tuna, spicy hot appetiser.



Hot tuna!







Francesco prepares excellent tuna dish from tuna caught a couple of hours earlier.




Westralia at anchor at Luka Saplunara, Mljet




Arnold makes his way back to the dinghy