Foci bay, Fiskardho 15-Jul-19 1455hrs 38:15.144N 20:38.767E

Steve Coughlan
Mon 15 Jul 2019 14:55

15-Jul-19            1215hrs

Departed Sami

15-Jul-19            1455hrs

Anchored, tied off stern to shore in Foci bay, near Fiskardho, Kefelonia. We had a beer at the low profile Taverna behind the beach at the head of the bay and then took the dinghy into Fiskardho for dinner at a very good water front restaurant called Irida. Returned to Westralia at 2200hrs and noted another yacht had anchored, tied off stern to shore, uncomfortably close to the port side of Westralia.


Anchored and tied off at Foci Bay near Fiskardho




Path to head of bay

Old olive trees at head of bay


Dinghy positioned


Fiskardho, very attractive water front, bars and restaurants