24 July 1330hrs Depart Preveza

Steve Coughlan
Sun 24 Jul 2022 13:30

Depart Preveza. Motor battery was flat when we went to start engine. Changed genset battery over to motor leads and put motor battery on charge and we then got underway. Motored out of Preveza and then out through the channel markers. Held up with lifting the dinghy due to problem with the port davit, would not raise. After checking through the obvious we finally got it working and secured the dinghy. We set the main and jib for a quick sail over to Lefkada however had to circle for nearly an hour with other yachts at Yera Spit until the traffic bridge was raised at 4pm. The flotilla of yachts then motored through the narrow channel to Lefkada and beyond until we arrived at Drepano Bay after which we set the main and genoa for a plus 8knts short sail on a broad reach down to Nydri.