Assos 26-Jul-19

Steve Coughlan
Fri 26 Jul 2019 00:00


In the morning we took the dinghy ashore, had a coffee and breakfast, then headed up the inclined road to the old fortified castle. Catherine was keen, running up the hill. I returned to Assos town before Catherine where I took the dinghy back to Westralia. Catherine left her gear on the shore and swam back, I headed in and retrieved her gear. We organised the TV to stream the AFL Tigers V Pies game, great to see the Pies get smashed! After the footy we took the dinghy for a spin and explored the nearby coastline, finding a series of caves and a secluded beach which we had to ourselves for a swim in the crystal clear water. Catherine took a series of underwater photos with her Samsung S8 in a water proof case. Pretty impressive. We returned to Westralia, had a GnT and then went ashore for dinner.


Dinghy to shore



View back to Assos from walk up to fortified castle



Lunch watching the Pies getting belted by the Tigers!

Exploring in the dinghy



We find a secluded beach with no one else there!






Catherine takes underwater shots with her Samsung S8, including a selfy below!


Nick knack shopping, Assos