24-Jul-22 Nydri 1730hrs 38:42.156N 20:42.609E

Steve Coughlan
Sun 24 Jul 2022 17:30

At anchor in bay adjoining Ag. Apostoloi. On the way from Preveza we had issues raising the left davit to lift the dinghy. Sprayed the controls with contact cleaner to no avail, accessed the hydraulic valve block below the master cabin bed and gave the relative valve section a tap with a brass hammer and got it working, not sure if it is a sticking solenoid or a sticking valve. On to the to do check list. After carrying a few tasks around the boat we went for a  swim as it was a another very hot day on the water. We then headed across in the dinghy to Nydri for dinner. Incredibly busy tourist spot where the car ferries commute to and from wherever. All restaurants where doing a roaring trade. Interestingly all outlets now accept cashless transactions, a big change from out last trip to Greece in 2019, probably driven by COVID.



Heading ashore



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Restaurants all very busy