Kato Katelios 13-Jul-19 1510hrs 38:03.927N 20:45.262E

Steve Coughlan
Sat 13 Jul 2019 15:10

13-Jul-19            1100hrs

Departed Argostoli. Joe departed around 0930 hrs for Germany and the imminent birth of twin boys to Christina, wife of Joe's son Manuel. We wished him all the best. Always good company and positive.

13-Jul-19            1510hrs

Anchored at Kato Katelios, a small but very attractive settlement in southeast corner of Corfu. After a swim, later in the evening we took the dinghy ashore for a drink and dinner. Very nice location not overrun with tourist crowds.



Coming ashore on the dinghy




Rocky beaches of Kato Katelios



Relaxing over a drink looking out to Westralia at anchor