15-Jul-23 08:00 Day in Porto Kagio

Steve Coughlan
Sat 15 Jul 2023 08:00

Spent day in and around the bay, swimming, dinghy lesson for Jude, fish dinner ashore at taverna. Very relaxing, beautiful water. Jude swam over to small dwelling on the NW corner of the bay and got to know the owners. It was their holiday pad, the male a bass guitarist in a Greek band.


A person standing on a ladder in a body of water

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Jude swam over and met the owners of this quaint stone holiday pad

A person and person standing on a porch with a view of a town and water

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A person and person standing together outside

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Another Greek Jude befriended, at an elevated bar.

A group of people smiling for the camera

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And another at a taverna

A stone building with a sign on the front

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