Pix 03-Sep-17 1300hrs 42:34.929N 18:12.992E

Steve Coughlan
Sun 3 Sep 2017 12:00

03-Sep-17 1030hrs: Depart Zaton. First night at Zaton was very calm. Night of Aug 2 a storm came in. No problem as I had 60 odd metres of anchor out in 12m of depth. A motor yacht, which had anchored late afternoon about 100m windward of Westralia in deeper water, dragged its anchor and was swinging dangerously close to me. I was up at 1330 keeping an eye on him. Finally its captain weighed the anchor and motored elsewhere. Not much sleep that night.


1300hrs: Anchored and tied off stern to at Cavtat, after sailing single handed from Zaton. Alex arrived about 9pm. Lot of rain late afternoon and overnight. Bit of swell at the seawall so tied off with diagonal stern ropes as well.