13-Aug-23 Cleopatra Marina 07:00 39:39.004N 20:45.734E

Steve Coughlan
Sun 13 Aug 2023 07:00

12 August

09:00    Continued prepping boat for lift and storage. John moused as much of the running rigging as he could, removed all the seat cushions and stored them inboard, likewise the various safety items attached to stantions, did several loads of washing, defrosted the freezer. I crashed for about 3 hours, Catherine and Ella went to the swimming beach. Antonio, the refrigeration technician came around about 18:00 and John took him through the work list for the offseason, including replacing the three refrigeration compressors and replacing all threaded pipe connections with copper to copper soldered connections, checking air conditioners and replacing the water maker with a 24v/240v unit.


13 August

07:00    We started putting all the linen through the washing machine. Dropped our bags off at the Blue apartment suites (John was already booked in). Then around 09:00 we motored over to Cleopatra marina and went alongside. John and I lowered, flaked and bagged the sails, completed removal of all ropes, washed them in fresh water and later stored them inboard. Removed the bimini covers and stored them inboard. Catherine and Ella continued on with the detailed interior clean, folded and stored linen and defrosted the refrigerator. We returned to Preveza in the dinghy, checked into our rooms then headed off to the swimming beach.


The Deli and Bar restaurant. Great Asian food


Two old roosters in Preveza

Beach at Preveza


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