Pix 18-Jun-17 1615hrs 42:47.465N 17:22.610E

Steve Coughlan
Sun 18 Jun 2017 15:15

Anchored in the very protected bay, Luca Place, NW corner at Island of Mljet. Good sail in highly variable NE winds. G&T in order! Also have to advise that Basil M1 and M2 are in fact not basil, but some type of pepper. So name change to Peppi and  Pepperina. Dinghy into shore for dinner in village of Polace.



Beautiful protected bay, Luca Place near village of Polace on Mljet island



Basil is not! Name change to Peppi and Pepperina



Tom and Max enjoy a swim





Mex takes in the view



To shore for dinner