7 September 1400 berthed Argostoli quay 38:10.699n 20:29.387e

Steve Coughlan
Wed 7 Sep 2022 14:00
Ran engine at 1600 rpm to conserve fuel, some assist from wind during trip. Arrived with enough reserve.

Argostoli has continued its improvements along the town quay and within the town itself since last here in 2019. It presents as a tidy and well maintained major town which is good to see.

Plan for next couple of days is to get boat tidied up and prepare for departure of Julie and Mick Gavrilovic and arrival of John Eustace September 9.


Light winds


Turtle near quay at Argostoli


Well maintained quay and town precinct indicating civic pride. Good to see and a very pleasant place to visit.
Steve Coughlan
Executive Chairman

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